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  1. Hi The reason why they directed myself in this particular situation is because I carry dizziness and I'm currently off balance. I am on medication to help but not completely. My understanding is they are perparing myself before and after. I am just awaiting!! Thanks
  2. Hi Everyone I am new to this and I have questions to ask 1. How long did you all have to wait until you could actually recieve the Impant ? What was your porcess? Did you have to gain Med. Psychiatrist / psychiattrist? I am close on this and told to go into this with EXCITMENT. Thank You Lori
  3. Hi Lynn Agnes I am currently in psychiatry and med psychiatry to perpare me for this, I do as well have two more appointments with them to see if I'm Mind, Body, Heathly ready. In the beginning stage my team mentioned that I wasn't ready. I am doing better since they had helped me with the depression and anxiety of this. They have seen a great imnprovemnent within mysself. Its been allot of hard work. Thank you Lori
  4. Hi Lynn Agnes I was introduced to this forum by my Cochlear Implant Manager. I do agree with you on the loss of hearing, (Myseslf just Dumbfounded) this took a toll on myself. Not knowing where your sound is coming from makes this a challenge, and most certianly has it's fair of struggles. I'm also battling a balance disorder and using my eyes as my (conpensatiion.) I have read so much material for the Cochlear Implant. The tears that I carry within just to know that iIhave a fantastic team working with myself. I realize this is a process and everyone has thier own journey to tell. Thank you Lori
  5. Hi Mary Beth My choice of Cochlear Implant Is MED EL. I am having my surgery in the State of Boston. Alos in place is a wonderful team aboard.
  6. Hi I am new here I lost my right hearing completely about a year ago. I have meant with a Cochlear Implant Manager whom is very nice out of Boston, we went over different devices to best fit myself. (I choice MED EL) I am also currently working witth a Psychiatrists and med Psychiatrist in Boston to help with anxiety and depression. For they say I am not Mind, Body, Heatly at this time, but getting closer to the surgery date. I have also started a Journal about (Self) which has helped me along the way. My question would be to you what was the process? What was the journey? I am mosrt certiantly nervous with all. Thank you for reading
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