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  1. Hi to hearpeers Getting somewhat nervous but trying to be with excitement aling the way. I do have a question? Any one here ever had implant failure? I will be diffiently keep all in the loop. Lori
  2. Hi Marybeth Thank you so much for your assistance. Lori
  3. Hi Marybeth Yes when I was in Boston last week my implant manager offered another choice of implant, which I will have two processors. Through med - El Device selected Implant Synchrony flex 28 with a back up flex 24 implant. Sound Processors 1. Rondo2 light brown color & 1. SONNET in Nordic Grey color option. Coil Cable Nordic Grey Color Magnet strength (1) 4 and(1) 5 Nordic Grey color cover color. Rechargable batteries 2 standard + 2 Micro Rechargable kit, 1 SONNET Battery Frame Accessories Roger Pen / Roger 21 (Nordic Grey) Document pack English I also choice another with magnets.
  4. Hi Marybeth Thank you!! Everything seems to be going smoothly. My implant manager was very impressed when see met with me. It sure has been a long haul. Now it's time to start my unique journey. Lori
  5. Hi to all here on hearpeers. Met with my implant manager last week in Boston Medical Center and surgery is set for November 19 @ 6:30 am Activation is on December 9th Follow up with all is on December 16th Somewhat nervous and yet excited to gain some of my life back. Happy tears! Thank you all here at hearpeers!! Lori
  6. Hi to all here in hearpeers Update on change with my upcoming cochlear implant surgery it is as stands October 30, 2019 ( Not November) They bumped me up! Just one week and not a half. I am so happy to start with this and be able to share with you all at a later time. Thank you all for just being there. Lori
  7. Hi to all here at hearpears I would like to say I received as of last Thursday from Boston Medical Center that I now have a date along with four others out of state. My date is November 19th, 2019. I am going first out of us four. I am somewhat nervous but all can hear in my voice that I am now gaining excitement! Yay! I will keep all of you here on hearpeers updated on all. Thank you Lori
  8. Hi Mary Beth I will actually get my date here shortly. I will diffiently keep you posted! Lori
  9. Hi everyone here in this forum This is an update of myself. (Me) Lori My surgery is in two weeks for single sided deafness in Boston. My team has most differently helped me through the way but still with difficulty with process (which is a process disorder.) I have moved my team here in the state of Maine but surgery still stands in Boston, along with continued physical therapy whom I adore. I have also been doing journaling which has helped me deeply. I have so many on my Rock! So what I am bringing in with me is? The warmth of the sun My friends My pooch All that surported me through this. To say the least it hasn't been easy. My excitement is now coming out. Thank you all for being here. Lori
  10. Hi Marybeth I haven't but it's worth a shot to see if they could fix vestibular hairs that have been completely damaged.
  11. Hi everyone I have a question about single sided deafness. I realize that many of you have permimnent damage of vestibular hairs. I lost my hearing do to this, this is why I have no hearing at all on my right side. I am ready for the Cochlear implant which I will no more real soon. They are working on the paperwork. I guess my question is if I went out of the country would any of you know if they could fix the damage? Instead of a Cochlear implant. Thank you Lori
  12. Hi Mary Beth Yes my team is saying that I am ready for the next level. I will diffiently keep you posted. Thanks
  13. Hi everyone It's been awhile since I wrote. I'm hanging in there with all. I had a question for single sided deafness which I am. I have been going through med. Psychiatry and therapy to be ready. Now they are saying that my insurance may deny. I have Maine care and Medicare any of you out there ever had this issue. My team is so behind me with all. Now I am basically just waiting. Ty
  14. Hi everyone It's been awhile and some struggles along the way. Many testing. But overall doing good. Had hearing tests completed to basically rule illnesses out for the unbalance and dizziness that I'm currently dealing with. The Psychiatry that is working with me say that I'm ready for the Cochlear implant. It's been a year and going into five months. I now have a new therapist that just got on board. I believe I'm just awaiting for a call from my implant manager. Thank you Lori
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