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  1. @Mary Beth Hi it is so challenging, I am most definitely keeping a journal and writing as well just so I can look back with all the hard work that I have put into this along with sounds that I never heard before. That part is most definitely exciting. As far as practicing Aural rehabilitation with someone no I am not. I am in therapy and have been now for almost three years. That's a good idea getting in touch with CI maybe they do have some answers. Thank you
  2. Hi all I haven't written in awhile for I have been extremely busy with doctors. Since I gained my hearing which is still on the muffled side, situations just hadn't been so good. I was referred to a Neuropsychology to work with my brain for something just hadn't been right since 2018 lost my hearing. The Neuropsychology worked very hard by working with the brain and had been overly worked. Yesterday I received my results and she explained that my memory and multitasking wasn't good at all, she explained that when I lost my hearing back in 2018 then had Cochlear Implantation
  3. Hi @Mary Beth Yes with my processor I did use the small remote for the levels of one, two, three and four. If I decide to use my processor I have to shut off and put my processor on the remote to reprogram, but can not use. I haven't yet been introduced to the other fine fine remote for I still have two more boxes to open when I return to Boston Medical Center. Thank you for that information that helps! My sonnett 2 am so far liking but it appears to be somewhat fragile. The other remote could be in my unopen box. Still new at all of this. Best
  4. Hi @Dave in Pittsburgh My apologies for getting back to you late. Your question was why do I prefer sonnet 2 verses my round 2 processor. I do like my round 2 processor but it doesn't connect with my remote, and it's on the bigger side. This was first given to me when I was activated in December of 2019, with continued adjustments. I just recently received my sonnett 2 and just returned from Boston Medical Center with connection. With sonnet 2 it's connected with my remote and I can adjust my sounds, it's to me smaller and comfortable. I hope I answered yo
  5. Thank you @Mary BethBethBethBethBetBBethBetBeBethBetBethBethBethBethBetBB I do have the choice! So far I do like sonnet 2. And how it feels.
  6. Thank you @Mary Beth It sure is different.
  7. Hi all It's been awhile, well just had major adjustment finally with Boston on June 17 with everything that has been going on with the whole nation. So on this day I was activated with my sonnett 2. It's so different then my regular processor. The levels have been deleted and now I am learning the remote with the up and down volume. It's still robotic but hanging in there with. Best Lori
  8. Hi to all It's been awhile since I wrote, but had a few questions with all this around the globe (pandemic) how are you handling if you have just gain hearing and can't travel. I have done pretty good being in touch with my implant supervisor but still unclear if I can get there which is Boston. I so need adjustment to day the least! What I have been doing is taking my processor off toward the middle of the day for everything is still robotic and loud. This is by far extra anxiety! Be safe hear pears !!
  9. Hi @Marcy Thank you for the information. My processor and ear piece is under warranty but unsure about the rest. I will ask. Thank you
  10. Hi Mary Beth I return in two weeks March 26, 2020. Also they have the new equipment. I have what you sent. Thank you
  11. Hi Mary Beth My audiologist deleted level one and two off my remote, then will delete the last two levels. Right now I am just working with level four with a lot of adjustments. I would have to look back to see what you sent.
  12. Hi all It's been awhile still learning the Cochlear Implant I have just completed level one and two and three and now working on the last level four. Holly Molly! Can be on the loud side and very much overwhelming. How do you all do it? I hear ryhum and the beat but not the words yet still robotic. I am picking up some single sounds but not at the same time. Still many trips to Boston Medical Center. My next question is to purchase some items through Med El like (Round 2 clips short lease does certain insurance except? I am so new to this. Help
  13. Hi @Mary Beth Holly Molly! Got the tag thing down! At any event thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I am activated now and going into one month, I have completed level one and two. I most definitely done a happy dance at that time. Currently working with level three and four but four is somewhat overwhelming. So I am going back and forth with this. My team mentioned to me that I should gain clearily hearing within twelve months. That's a long time! But overall I am hanging in there. I believe where I stand is before I had the CI,
  14. Hi to here on hear peers Well I managed to get through the holidays. I was told by my implant manager to try and boost my processor up to level two to get used to someo of my surrounding. When I arrived at the function everything to me was so difficult to handle. So I was told to reduce my level back to one. I could hear some of each voice during this time but not to the best of clearily. They say this takes time and will be baby steps. I was so extremely exhausted from all but managed to get through. I am now back on level two with silence in the background.
  15. Hi to here in hear peers I am so grateful for all who has connected here with so many. Yesterday I returned to Boston Medical Center for another three hour session and had my processor reprogrammed, for I just couldn't hear at all. It's better now and I am in stages 1,2,3,4. I could not thank enough for the surgeon and my implant supervisor for all they have done but just for myself but others as well. They say it's baby steps through our journey that indeed. Merry Christmas to all here in hear peers. Lori
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