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  1. Good afternoon everyone I will be getting activated on 7/30/19. I just have a few questions. What are my options for sweatbands or headbands for the rondo 2? Also again what is the best Bluetooth device that will work great with my iPhone, rondo2 and sonnet? Does anyone know if I will be ok wearing my fitted caps over my rondo2 without having to sacrifice a lot of sound quality?
  2. Hi Everyone Just wanted to update you all. I had my surgery yesterday morning for my CI and thank God everything went smoothly and no major side affects from the surgery . I will be activated on 7/30/19 which I think is a bit far off but I guess I just have to wait it out. For those who have a CI surgery coming up don’t worry about a thing. Yesterday was my first surgery and first time going under general anesthesia. I will tell you it’s ok to be nervous and have a little anxiety. But Once you get back in the OR relax and breath you will only remember being in the OR no more than 5 minutes and you will be waking up in the recovery room seriously it’s that fast lol. I got on the OR table waiting for the meds to calm me down and I remember saying man this stuff ain’t working, the next thing I know I was in recovery with my sister and son waking me up. There is no drifting off to sleep that’s the funny part about it but it’s nothing to worry about honestly.
  3. @Jewel thank you for responding. If you don’t mind me asking how does music sound with a CI? I’m getting mix reviews online.
  4. Hi Everyone Im hoping I can get some feedback from anyone who has the rondo 2. Today I met with my audiologists to select my device. I chose to go with med el rondo 2 and the sonnet bte as my back up hope I made the right decision. I have a few questions concerning the rondo 2. 1. Will I be able to wear a fitted cap over my rondo 2 and still get good quality sounds? I love wearing fitted caps. I understand that I will most likely have to get bigger caps to go over the rondo 2. 2. Is the rondo 2 Bluetooth? I’m hearing from my audiologists that it is but it’s not able to link directly to the phone, so my question is how do I link the both of them? 3. Is talking on the phone possible with the rondo 2? If so how do you do it if you have to hold the phone to your ear? Thats all from me for now. I’m excited and can not wait to hear clearly again.
  5. Hello Everyone! My name is Donnell and I am a 40 year old new CI candidate. I have decided to move forward with the CI process. As you can probably imagine I have a million things on my mind that I want to ask about the CI process including surgery (I’m nervous and excited about the surgery part weird Isn’t it 😅) and post Surgery expectations, what brand CI I should get and of course what should I expect after turning on my processor. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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