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  1. I am using a Sonnet 1 processor Yes, that is a good idea. I'll do that for the next map I do. I can also run it through a spectrum analysis to figure out where in the frequency range it is and provide that to the CI audiologist.
  2. I'm considering going bilateral. It's been my plan since the beginning. I'm just not sure when. I know I'm doing better with speech than when I started. Even with speech in noise. Listening on the HA alone, it's amazing how different it is. By itself, the HA is so muffled, unclear, blurry sounding, and missing a lot in comparison. But, I'm a long way from what I originally expected. I still have trouble separating layered sounds. Music is still a challenge and feels like I'm missing a lot. And some sounds are overwhelming like running water or crinkling paper. It's like what they say abou
  3. @Mary Beth thank you for the reply! It is connected to my computers, but on your advice, I used the equalizer there and ended up lowering the low end (<100Hz), which helped a lot. It's no longer sounding as muffled. I'll have to fine tune it some more to get a more optimal setting. If I took the equalizer settings (basically Hz and dB offset values) to the audiologist, would they be able to update the map based on it?
  4. Today, I decided to swap out my Artone for the AudioLink for my work-at-home needs (music/phone calls). Mainly because I'd pick up a loud pulsating buzz over the telecoil at random times throughout the day coming from an adjacent unit (probably above or below me). I haven't used the AudioLink in a good while since I had trouble with understanding things through it back the day. I have it set in the AudioLink base with the stereo plugged in and set it to turn off the mic on the processor. One thing I've noticed was the increased amount of bass compared to the Artone which makes the speech
  5. Oh I like this. I'm curious on the streaming quality, but it sounds promising. Hopefully it doesn't make the battery cover too much longer.
  6. I also have the DrySpace UV. It's nice that it's USB powered so I could use my USB powerbank for my trips (camping/sailing). Though I need to test and find out how much battery it takes for one cycle before I do.
  7. This morning I had a mini-family reunion over Google Meet. Mainly because of the auto-captioning feature. But I did find myself using the captioning not as a primary means of understanding, but as a fallback means. Meaning that I could listen and understand other family members and only fall back to the captioning when I'm not latching on. No way I could that with just hearing aids before.
  8. Do you use EAS? CI with the hearing aid mold with acoustic sound? Without EAS, I don't think CI processors could get feedback. But then again, I am learning every day
  9. That is a great idea. I was camping in the part of Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, where it seems rain-foresty. I'm not sure how effective the solar panel would be, but i'll give it a shot next time.
  10. That's unfortunate. I'll try another pair of batteries and maybe I was just unlucky.
  11. They are the Power One Implant Plus p675 that I received with my kit.They should be good until March 2023 per date on the back. I made sure to wait a minute or two after peeling off the sticker before plugging it into the CI and turning on the CI.
  12. I recently went camping without access to electrical power. My original plan was to try out the disposables for the first time. Unfortunately, they didn't last very long, in fact right before we hit the open road. I ended up grabbing my rechargeable batteries and charging kit along with my battery pack/portable charger thing. It worked great, the power needed to keep the CI batteries charged seemed to be fairly low on the battery pack. When I got home, I checked the vents and they seem to be clean, I also cleaned them again but the disposables still didn't last.
  13. That is a great plan. I have two neckloops. I used to keep one at work but with COVID-19, I brought it home and use it exclusively with my work computer and conference calls. Sometimes I forget which neckloop is paired with which device and end up trying to figure out why the neckloop I'm wearing isn't giving me sound. Ooops, it's the other neckloop I wanted to wear.
  14. I've noticed my tinnitus 3 months after implantation/activation. It was a sudden onset and LOUD. Fortunately, with the CI, it isn't as noticeable. And 9 months after, it has quieted down overall, even without the CI. It's still there, but much more tolerable. And with the CI on, I don't notice it at all.
  15. I'm a year in with a CI and music is still very challenging for me. It's certainly a journey that is improving over time, but doesn't sound nearly like what it did with a hearing aid, yet. It's being persistent and having repetition of the songs playing that helped my brain decode the signals from the CI. I found it most useful to listen to simple songs (single vocal, simple instruments) that I knew before the CI. And listening to them over and over and over again. Eventually the beeps gave way to periodic words being understood, and then to vocals being more clear, to some instrumentals. My b
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