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  1. I heard back, and it's most likely tinnitus. It may have been extra noticeable due to the cold that's been going around. I didn't feel under the weather though. At this point, it's pretty much wait and see what happens with it. It may improve down the road.
  2. Ah... bummer... I've emailed my CI team and am waiting to see what they say.
  3. I'm a bit over three months post-activation. I've recently noticed that I have a low frequency humming sensation which is there all the time now. It does get masked some when I wear the processor and there are other ambient noises. I've never noticed it before and assume it's a recent development. I've not experienced tinnitus when I wore hearing aids. My hearing aid ear doesn't exhibit the same sound sensation. My ear canal and upper ear is all tingly recently as well. Is it tinnitus or could it be something else like nerves waking up? To try to describe the hum, it sounds like it is humming like my leg feels when it is waking up after it "falls asleep". In other news, my 3 month checkup went well, my scores gained 30% over my 1 month scores. I'm pleased on the progress, but I know I still have a long way to go. 🙂
  4. The Artone has been great for me as well. It's a good way to exercise my brain while at work between meetings. My coworkers are surprisingly quiet out of meetings. The beginning is difficult, but gets easier as the brain's interpretation of the sound spectrum widens.
  5. The travel case... what's the best way to make use of it? What to put in it? How to organize things in it? I understand it's a matter of personal preference for the most part.
  6. FS4-p is definitely interesting. After a couple days, the voices are starting to morph into one but warble. Playing the piano is also extremely odd as instead of notes sound in scale, they are mixed in terms of sound and sensation with one being dominant over the other on different frequencies. I'll keep at it and keep my brain exercised. I'm sure my brain will figure it out.
  7. Good luck! We'll be cheering for your success!
  8. I have a loss of taste following my surgery as well. My surgeon and I discussed some side effects prior to the surgery with loss of taste being one of them. For the most part I've been assured it's mainly temporary though it may take time. Post surgery, I brought it up with my audiologist and surgeon and they're keeping an eye on it and asking me about it on my follow up appointments. I'm starting to taste fruits, some vegetables, dairy, and some sweet things again. Meat tastes like air. Soda and red wine taste downright awful right now. Chocolate covered almonds tastes like chocolate though, so that is a relief. On the plus side, I'm eating more fruits and vegetables.
  9. Went to the audiologist yesterday for my 1 week post activation appointment. I seem to be making good progress as the high frequency sounds are manifesting less as pressure and starting to manifest as sound. Still working on pulling apart the sounds to make sense of them. I can follow along speech most of the time if I lip-read. One of the things that came out of the appointment was new maps. One being FS4, which I spent the week of activation on, and the other being FS4-p (which I'm currently trying out). I feel like I'm going a little crazy with the FS4-p with hearing two simultaneous voices from the same person. 🙂 One is in chipmunk (high pitch) territory, and the other in electronic (lower pitch) voice territory. I'm still very new to it so my brain hasn't melded the two voices together yet. Still new, and I know it takes a bit of time to adapt. Which do you prefer?
  10. Glad to hear your surgery went well! The leak fix is a nice added bonus!
  11. It depends on your insurance and mail preferences. For me, my insurance has an online portal and my preferences were set to email. I got an email notification of a new message in the portal. I went in there, checked, and saw the letter of authorization. Took about 2 weeks. The hospital was a little longer as it had to be physically mailed, go through all their internal mail system, etc. before they would act... about another week. It was a little stressful with all the waiting. 🙂 But, it all worked out.
  12. I also got the Artone last week. It has proved handy at work as it enables me to listen to streaming talk radio (NPR, etc.) when my coworkers aren't really chatty or if they're too chatty. I'm still very new post-activation, so I'm not making a lot of sense of sounds yet. I do agree that the Artone is definitely more convenient for streaming than the Pen as there's fewer steps involved in starting the stream to the CI. Personally, I'm waiting for the AudioLink as I'm not realizing the full potential of the Artone yet due to not understanding sound at this time. When I'm at work, I'm usually at a computer, so I just keep the Artone plugged in the USB port, which seems to keep it charged up while listening. Currently, when listening to the radio, I'm reminded of part of Queen's Radio Ga Ga song lyrics
  13. You can also find a hospital/clinic near you that does Med-El implant here: https://www.medel.com/us/clinic-finder/ Both Med-El and AdvancedBionics current implant offerings works up to 3.0T MRI scans. The MRI technicians should be able to work with you to ensure a good experience for MRI scans post-implantations. For more information on Med-El's implant compatibility with MRI scans: https://www.medel.com/hearing-solutions/cochlear-implants/mri-and-cochlear-implants I also hemmed and hawed between Med-El and AdvancedBionics. Both have good, solid, innovative offerings. But, there are trade-offs. It would have been great if it was possible to mix and match. However, that's not possible for a variety of reasons. I ended up making a list of pros/cons and what I wanted in 5 years and 10 years to help me assess my priorities. My list showed me that Med-El is the one for me.
  14. Freshly activated, so I started with my expectation super low. All 12 electrodes are in good health and active. Currently, I hear everything super, super high pitched, like everything is beyond helium. I can detect syllables, but can't differentiate speech or distinguish different layered noises yet. Time to learn how to hear all over again
  15. I've been looking into the kit and figuring out what's all in the boxes. Turns out there's quite a few chargers and containers, such as: CI battery charger Roger pen charger Dry box What do you do to centralize everything and tidy things up at home? I live in a small space, so space is a little bit of a premium. Looking for ideas!
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