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  1. I don't know what a Artone Max BT neckloop is. I have Med-el processors and the assisted listening devices that came in my box are the Roger My Link (neckloop) and the Roger select.
  2. Hi Mary Beth, i have done all above and it’s still not working. i do have both the Roger My Link and the Roger Select. Let me give you an example. For Sonnett, I was told the Bluetooth is built in, for the Rondo 2, it is not. if I want to use the Rondo 2 processor to listen to music on my iPhone, I need both the Roger my link and the Roger select and the headphone jack connected from Roger select to my phone? And pair the Roger select to my phones Bluetooth settings . And from my fine tuner choose MT or T. Then hit play on my Spotify app on my IPhone? I have done all the
  3. Can someone please guide me through setting up my bluetooth for both processors? I have the Rondo 2 and the BTE Sonnett. I have charged both the "My Link" and the "Roger Select". I have an iPhone 8+, so i had to buy a headphone jack adapter cable since the iPhone does not have a jack. Now I'm lost. I am trying to connect either processor to my iPhone to be able to listen to my playlist that i have in an app on my iPhone, Spotify. I used the fine tuner to make sure it was in "MT" or "T", but I still cannot hear my music with either the Rondo 2 or the Sonnett. Any and all help wou
  4. MaryBeth, I signed up for the free trial of RazKids.. I do not know how to go directly to an audio book to start for myself. It's set up like a teacher/student program. I am a bit lost. Any tips you can give me to go straight to an audio book to start?
  5. Thank you MaryBeth and Lita. I will try and see what works!!
  6. MaryBeth that’s a tough question to answer. Speech is still very unclear and foggy. I am having the hardest time finding audio books WITH text apps for my iPad. It seems I find one and the “developer has taken this app off for technical issues” . There has to be at least ONE audio book with text app for my iPad. You would think. Very frustrating ...
  7. Alrighty, thank you for letting me know. I hope it is temporary!! Thanks again
  8. Mary Beth, I have a brand new iPad version 12.3.1. I have searched for the AB Clix app to no avail. When I put in Advanced Bionics Rebah Apps (app store), I get: rehAB catalogue App, which when I open has the following: SoundSuccess, The Listening Room, AB, and Able Clix. I clicked on Able Clix (where it says freely available in the apple store) and it took me to the apple store page where it says "This app is currently not available in your country or region"??? Really? I see from the forum that a lot of people are using it. I know this is an international platform, but h
  9. Thank you for sharing your experiences MaryBeth and Jewel. It is so nice to chat with people who understand these questions and being hearing impaired in general. I was not diagnosed with hearing loss until i was 8 years old and my audiogram back then showed mild loss in both ears. I did not want to wear the bte hearing aids, i was too self conscious. I went through ALL of school without wearing hearing aids at all. It was social suicide, i was bullied and picked on. But as I got older I met the right people and the friends that I still have today. Like Dr. Seuss says... Those who matter,don'
  10. Thank you Jewel. I have done most of what you advised above. And yes, it's day 3 and i'm doing a little better. I am following my audiologist's instructions. She has given me 4 maps on both processors (Sonnet and Rondo 2). I am to change the map every 48 hours. i'm on map 2 right now. The purpose is to see where i'm most comfortable at in regards to volume. Clarity is still elusive but again it's day 3!! I do have a question for you, since you have bilateral loss as well. I did have the "worse" ear (right) done first, so as you can imagine i'm missing that left hearing aid to hear clearer. I
  11. Hi Watersail, You're welcome. I will do my best to keep up to date on here. It's a whirlwind for sure. Thank you for reaching out and let us know about YOUR activation as well!!
  12. Thank you Mary Beth and Mary! I go to an audiologist here in Orlando. Not a CI center. I know that everyone's initial activation is different. Mine was underwhelming to be honest. But I knew i wasn't going to walk out of there on the first day and be able to hear clearly out of my implanted ear. And having the left hearing aid out made it that much more underwhelming.. My brain needs time to "re-learn" how to hear again with just the implant. But I'm very hopeful!!
  13. Hello! Not sure if anybody can be of assistance but I have bilateral sensioneural hearing loss. I had my surgery (right ear, worse ear) on April 12. Today my implant was activated. I was told by my audiologist to NOT wear my left hearing aid for as much as possible so that my brain get start getting "used" to hearing with the implant. That being said, i'm hearing very little. The implanted ear (i'm wearing the Rondo 2) has been programmed with 4 maps. I was told to "change" the maps every 48 hrs and see which is most comfortable. Right now, I'm underwhelmed but I kind of expected that. I
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