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  1. My audiologist did not know how to activate the arrow buttons on my fine tuner. She is researching it so she can fix it in a month when I come back. But mapping went well. I have an increase in volume on my new implant. Now I can practice AB Clix without having the other processor on, as suggested by the audiologist that activated my new implant.
  2. I think the stand-in audiologist didn’t know how to do all this. The one on vacation would have. So, I will see if my audiologist can do it tomorrow. If not, I will get an appointment with the Med El rep. Thanks for the info.
  3. I wonder if AdHear can replace Hearing aids? I’d have to look up more on it for friends. I’m really thankful to be alive in this era because we have technology for the deaf and hearing impaired.
  4. Internals? Does that refer to the implants, themselves? I thought it was just about the processors and the fine tuner. I sure hope they can activate the arrow buttons.
  5. Really? Then my audiologist should be able to correct it on Wednesday. The day of my activation, the regular audiologist with Med El training was on vacation. Her less experienced colleague was there. She probably didn’t know about giving me access to the arrow buttons on the fine tuner. The Med El rep that was there did not step up. She probably assumed the audiologist had it all covered. It’s good to know that the audiologist controls access to the arrow buttons. Most likely, mine aren’t activated on either of my fine tuners. On the older one, it didn’t matter because I only had one processor. On the new one, the audiologist didn’t know how to do it. Mary Beth, I think you found the andwer to the problem.
  6. Right, mine doesn’t flash. Either something is wrong on both fine tuners or both batteries are low.
  7. Thanks. It sounds like a different system from ours. Maybe the child’s middle and inner ear works, otherwise. He just needs a way to deliver the sound. If I’m not mistaken, it is not a surgical procedure. He just has the devices.
  8. My Meniere’s attack seems to be done. I hope it stays that way. I just did my last day of steroids. I am going for mapping on Wednesday. I hope I can get more volume in my new implant. I’ll see how tolerant I am. Maybe this audiologist can synch my processors on one fine tuner. I will buy new batteries tomorrow and try again. These fine tuners act like the arrow keys are entirely inactive. Maybe Med El will replace one under warranty. If the audiologist also has trouble, I will probably have an appointment with the Med El Rep. I should hear from her this week.
  9. I e-mailed my Med El rep for an appointment. I’ll see what she says this week.
  10. I give up. 🙁 I have to carry two fine tuners - one for each processor until I meet the right person that can fix it. I will buy two CR2025 batteries and see if that helps. I can’t believe my brand new one is already low.
  11. When I press the left or right arrow, shouldn’t a light come on? The upper left or right light comes on when I press any other button. I took tge battery out of the new one and put it back in. I wonder if that resets it.
  12. Maybe it’s the battery. Even my brand new fine tuner gives the red light in the middle. I’ll change the battery. See if that works. Thanks.
  13. I watched this video. The new thing I learned is how to unlock the remote. I tried that, then did the synch on each side again. Still, I have the same problem as before. The video says I can control both processors on one remote. But so far, I have not found one video on adding a second processor. Plus, I’d think just pressing the left or right arrow would switch sides between processors. It doesn’t. That could be happening because I lose the first synch when I add the second processor. Maybe there is a combo of buttons for putting it in double processor mode before synching. Guessing. There is a secret to it that I have not found yet.
  14. It seems like I have one on each side because when I start by pressing the arrow corresponding to the side I want the yellow light at the top of the remote on that same side lights along with a red light in the middle when I close the battery cover and then press the plus sign. (Someone advised me about the plus sign earlier.) I wonder if that light in the middle being red is a sign of a problem. Maybe it should be green. Once I synch a processor on that side, I have control over it on all buttons. Could there is another combination of buttons to push to “lock it in?” But after I synch the other processor on the other side, the arrow buttons do not respond to switching back and fourth between the processors. I tried it on my two-year old remote and my new remote. Same problem. Could there be a button combination for switching sides? Maybe I’m not making my question clear. It’s hard to describe in words. The only alternative I can think of at this time is to use both remotes, one for each processor. That will be harder to store in my pouch. I’d have to take my bank cards and extra batteries out and rearrange my currently organized system. I should really only have to use one remote. The arrow buttons on the remote make it look designed for that.
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