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  1. Hi thanks for the positive thoughts and wishes .. the CI are dealing with it and have dealt with SSHL one sided , which makes it more of a challenge .. But fingers crossed . It’s the waiting game it’s so hard .. Thanks once again
  2. Thank you .. No word yet been 2 weeks ..
  3. Hello all,, my insurance is still pending . The office told me that I may get denied a few times. And they will appeal .. I think as I have single sided deafness may be the issue ..But I also have slight loss in my right to .. Its very frustrating with my hearing and the waiting game is horrible.. I guess they have to give u a date for surgery for insurance purposes? Also have to get a check up in the next week for overhaul EKG vaccines blood work .. Thanks for everyone who responded , this site is a pleasure to be on and nice to have people out there who understand how u feel... Karen
  4. Hello, Thanks for getting back so promptly .. appreciated .. I’m having a cochlear implant done in NYU Langone .. where I go they do push for the Kanso . Seem to update more frequently and the processor has two microphones .. which I’m tending to lead towards .. I haven’t received a letter yet ...
  5. Hello , im just wondering how long it takes to hear back from your insurance company about having a cochlear implant coverage .. I already have the surgery date and all the follow up appointments sent to me .. Would the insurance company send me a letter or email ? Thanks karen
  6. Hi thanks .. yes that did help .. I work in a nosy environment and have lab meetings .. also work with animals so they get very loud .. Also I go to the gym and dance to ..
  7. Then to Dr Friedmann at the NYU school of medicine on 1st ave
  8. I am going to NYU Langone Medical Center. For the hearing tests I had done and to meet up with Dr Shapiro to go over CI devices.
  9. Hello everyone, Just curious which is more popular the Kanso or the Rondo 2. I see others have asked similar questions. Is the Kanso upgraded more frequent and have more options than the Rondo 2. I understand in a way why people may go for the Rondo 2 as it is slimmer and rechargable. Which makes it more appealing I guess. Plus being a middle aged women I guess a little vein would want something to cover up as much as possible . But I did talk to a gentlman at NYU cochlear center and he was more pushed to lean towards the Kanso. Which is loves. I go back next week to talk to the Dr about CI devices then see the surgeon after. Big decision to make. Thanks once again
  10. I am a candidate for a cochlear implant. Now it’s the insurance company .. off to see the Dr about choosing the device for me and then the surgeon.. it’s all overwhelming I guess , something you never think you will loose is your hearing Andy how it effects your day to day life .
  11. Hello thanks for asking . I’m in New York
  12. Thank you all for the quick response
  13. Hi , could anyone tell me if United Healthcare cover the cost of a CI .. recently had SSHL been to the dr and audiologist its been 5 1/2 months since it happened .. now gone through the tests injection meds MRI and bi cros hearing aids which don’t help ..So it’s CI for me .. just curious if they cover .. Thanks
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