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  1. Thanks for getting back to me that was what I wanted to know
  2. Hello Have a question .. I have a cochlea implant 22 electrode and use the Kanso . Can I use a Rondo processor on it or only the kanso . Thanks
  3. Hello all, Today I had my activation for the Kanso .. sort of what I expected but I left just hearing sort of static robotic sounds . I’s this what happens on the first day ? Just curious.. when people speak it’s not a sentence the static/ robotic rhymes with them speaking if you know what i mean . thanks karen
  4. Hi I got the kanso reason as it has two microphones on it where the rondo has only one . Plus the kanso is smaller . Alittle thicker not by much . Also the nucleus 7 that you have the option of getting as well as the kanso . So on the ear Bluetooth and off the ear ( not blue tooth) .. hope this helps .. you can also get a stronger magnet to .
  5. Hey Thanks for keeping intouch. I think my problem was I had laryngitis 3 days prior to surgery . Post op it got worse . I guess cutting behind the ear and through the muscle. The side of my neck was stiff and had a post nasal drip to boot . I took off work expected to go back on Monday but just felt out of it and. It with it. Going back tomorrow just have to take it easy . Been a week already .. Thanks karen
  6. Hi did anyone have throat irritation afterwards . I wasn’t intubated but not sure as they cut through the muscle if that’s causing my throat to be irritated .. also I guess I’m sore bruised up to be expected.. thanks .
  7. Hi well I have to send Dr a picture next Friday to make sure no infection as he is away on a conference . Then I go back on the 24th and 25th July . Karen
  8. Hi all, I have been on here asking questions prior to getting surgery .. Had my surgery July 3rd yesterday . All went well . In and out 1 1/2 hours recovery 1hr about . Only issue I had was that pressure bandage so uncomfortable first day I have to admit. Just had nausea meds to take home and over counter pain Meds .. today took bandage off releaved the pressure just felt a little out of it still . By the afternoon felt better .. thanks for all your help on this forum
  9. Hi Just been In touch with my hospital dealing with my Insurance prior to surgery . Now they tell me that I have true facility fee, the dr’s fee and anesthesiologists fee as well to pay along with m my out of pocket deductible.. Is this correct ? Thanks
  10. Hello all , well good news my insurance approved my cochlear implant .. my question is what other expenses will I endure . I no u have a deductible on your insurance .. Anything else I should be prepared for .. Thanks karen
  11. Hi thanks for the positive thoughts and wishes .. the CI are dealing with it and have dealt with SSHL one sided , which makes it more of a challenge .. But fingers crossed . It’s the waiting game it’s so hard .. Thanks once again
  12. Thank you .. No word yet been 2 weeks ..
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