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  1. @Mary Beth Thanks. That looks like an option. Wonder if I can take the headphone part out of the headband and use it more discreetly for work. Can you fit your Rondo in the headband pouch? I am pretty active and worry my processor is going to fall off. So being able to use the headband when running would be a plus. Thanks
  2. I am from the US and was just implanted in April 2019. I will be getting the amade processor in June. I would love the Samba processor but it is not yet available in the US. Would love to connect with other Soundbridge users that used the Amade processor. From what I understand the Amade doesn't have any connectivity features like t-coil or bluetooth. Has anyone found any assistive technology that works with the Amade. Even just an FM system with headphone that cover the processor I would think would help. Anyone try it? Also what accessories have you found helpful or not helpful. Any feedback would be great.
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