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  1. Ok, they gave me a choice of Medel, cochlear America and advanced bionics, was already told by my hospital they won't scan Medel, anad they don't know anything about Ab.
  2. Hi Mary Beth, they did? Gave me a choice of 3 different types, but at that time, I didn't know I could be a recipient? Have tons of questions now.....
  3. Hello, Im starting my cochlear implant journey on Aug 12! I am deaf in my right ear, with only 14% in my left, implant side. I'm checking to see if medel or advanced bionics is the right fit for me. I was concerned about mri's, which i do have occasionally and have been told that my hospital does not do Medel implants.....so looking for more information, which would be good for me? thanks so much, look forward to hearing all the comments! Robin
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