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  1. Wonderful news. I haven't even being doing rehab really. I will do my third mapping next week. It will be interesting to see how I do. Really hearing well so far..... Wishing you all the best in hearing.....
  2. I am in Canada and signed up with Hearspeers but have not received a coupon yet. Maybe I'll try and email to see if it even available in Canada yet...
  3. Hi everyone, I see on the FB Med-El page the Hearspears forum is offering a coupon for the new Audio Link, perhaps that is just in the US? Also is the Audio Link similar the Roger Select. I haven't had time to use that yet of figure it out....
  4. Thank you the two Mary's lol Yes I am delighted with my progress so far. It's been an exciting time....
  5. Sorry Neil you are not happy with your implant. I am the opposite just amazed with what I can hear 3 months post. I rarely change the settings. I hear so well in restaurants now it's odd to see my husband struggle in a noisy room lol. I too do not wear my right hearing aid now as I find it useless compare to my implanted left ear....
  6. Hello everyone, I purchased a Rondo 2 as a spare processor. They offer 50% off in the first 90 after activation. Wow I am just delighted with it. Feels so light and the clarity is great. Also received my Roger Select. Now to read all the manuals.... Sandy......
  7. jdashirll Please stay safe in Florida.... To answer Mary Beth's question. Crickets outside as I let the dogs out...
  8. Hello everyone, Just wanted to check in and say I am loving my Sonnet. The world of hearing is an awesome one and I am enjoying hearing so much from the past. I am starting to appreciate music again also.. Hope everyone is doing well....
  9. Big congrats. Sounds like you are doing wonderfully. I was at my one week post activation, I too have hearing very very well. It's not perfect but voices are sounding much better. The key thing for me was to be able to have conversations without lip reading 90 percent of the conversation. Good times ahead... 😋
  10. This is good to know. Thank you...
  11. I am getting the hang of these re-chargable batteries no problem. Question is it worth while to put a battery in the charger before bed that still has some charge in it? Or should I continue to use it the next day and let the charge drain?
  12. Oh wow, I am getting 12.5 so far. I will get used to changing them I am sure. But with hearing aids my disposables were lasting 12 days. However I was living in a quiet world....
  13. How long do your re-chargeable batteries last? I am finding with brand new standard batteries just over 12 hours....
  14. Ha ha it's quite the adventure these cochlear implants lol
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