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  1. Make sure your Roger Select is "connected" in your iPhone Bluetooth settings or plugged into the iPhone. Also, sometimes after setting it all up, I find I need to turn the Roger Select off, then on again. (Also check the volume settings on the phone and the Roger My Link) Hope that helps!
  2. I think it is about 6 lb test monofilament line.
  3. I hooked it around the skinny part of the rubber in the port at the bottom. So far, very effective. Being careful not to pull on the line in the rubber. (The fishing line I used is too thin to stay under the processor cover reliably).
  4. I didn't like the hair clip or the collar clip. I took some lite fishing line and an ear cuff ($3 small frog) and made a very capable leash for my new Rondo 2. I like the leash being attached to my ear that moves in sync with my Rondo 2
  5. Thanks for the good wishes! I can Hear again!! Activation went well and I'm pleasantly surprised with what I can understand right away!!! However, my Rondo 2 does not stay on well yet even with the strongest magnet. Wearing it with a rubber band around my heaad for now. I'm hoping the skin will compress with time. Maybe removing more hair will help. I'm even using Grip Wear. It's hard to be sure the Rondo 2 is "perfectly" placed on the implant. Using a leash as well. If anyone can suggest where to get a cheap, effective headband for now, or has other experience to share for a newbie with
  6. SSD right side, Synchrony PIN. Loud tinnitus but doing fine. Activation scheduled for June 27 with Rondo 2. Very hopeful!
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