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  1. I did have a tough first week. I was hearing high frequency for first time. Papers were too loud, dishes and I had to be very very careful even then they were still loud. Adjustment on first follow up as I told my audiologist about how too loud. With 7 months with Sonnet, I still find buses and trucks too annoying when they brake. Dishes are not too bad. But I won’t trade for peace and quiet as I can hear birds and I like hearing them. Cicadas are something else but I don’t actually mind them. My brain just had to adjust for all the new noises. So much noises and I try to figure where they’re coming from. I am deaf both ears and wore only one hearing aid as my left was not getting any benefit from HA. I tend to turn my head a lot because of only one side cochlear implantation and I can pinpoint noise more easily. I found it easier than HA. It only been a week but your brain is still learning all the new noises. It will take a while. I actually know what you’re going through. I cringed a lot when buses stopped and opened doors. Whoosh. Hated that and still do. But I like hearing birds so I wouldn’t wish for lowered high frequency. There may be a few annoying noises for me but I can live with them in ways I can. At live outdoor concerts, volumes for speakers were set pretty high and I had to turn the volume down on my Sonnet with fine tuner. I wouldn’t trade high frequency for peace and quiet as I really like listening to nature. I'm adjusting to life of more hearing but I’m loving it. Last follow up, my audiologist turned up my low frequency during mapping after hearing test as it was a bit low. Musics On YouTube sound better now. So in short, it only been a week for you but your brain is taking on far too much right now, it will eventually learn the noises and you will be able to leave your house but you will probably still be annoyed with certain noises.
  2. From Med-El. Was doing research and saw there is a forum so I checked it out.
  3. By the way, I had to adjust treble on my TV as it was too high. The consonants were too much. That’s another one, I didn’t use to hear consonants.
  4. Flexible electrode is longer than Cochlear's and go in further into cochleae. I was implanted this year, heard high frequency for first time as I was extremely weak in that area. Been a journey. Cicadas, birds either talking to or yelling at each other, buses and trucks pressured air releasing which annoy me, leaves rubbing on ground and blown by wind. About music, well, it depended on how heavy I go. AC/DC was static for me until I got mostly used to it but I heard it much more clearly than I did with hearing aid. More details like the vibrations of guitars, never heard them. All of above and plus many many more, my hearing aids weren’t able to hear them for me because my high frequency is non existence. During hearing test, max volume and still can’t hear them. Imaging hearing them for first time. Hope this helps with your decision.
  5. Now Hells Bells sounds much better.
  6. Happened to me. Forgot not to blow my nose during winter. What you just experienced is one of the reasons why it’s one month post surgery for activation. I wouldn’t worry about it too much. I experienced the same worry until I researched online then I stopped worrying. Implant will still work but the first few weeks is a bit nerve wracking sometime. I was worry the implant was sliding out of cochlea or something.
  7. Is there info on AudioLonk? Tried to find but ended here from google.
  8. I did wonder what the 100/0 mix ratio meant. I would really like that option better. Leave the background out while listening. I’m going to look into it.
  9. She will turn on each electrode. First one was loud for me. I didn’t do it right because I didn’t understand what I supposed to do. I was supposed to stop her when it’s loud but comfortable. Beyond that, head bounces. Partly why papers were so loud for me the first week. I was unfamiliar with the last few electrodes which were in high frequency. Second visit, she turned off one electrode but turned back on at 3 months appointment. High frequency was my trouble for a while as I never heard them very well all my life. Im sure you will be more than fine, probably do better than I did, lol.
  10. Is Katherine your audiologist? I think they have more than one, I’m not sure.
  11. It was difficult beginning. 12 steps for electrodes and I chose stopping a bit too late. High frequency was something I haven’t learn all my life. I was born severe to profound and used hearing aid until this January. The 12 steps I did 3 times already, lol, it wasn’t easy for me. Some noises were just very different for me. Heard birds and I love that. I really like hearing birds. Speeches were difficult in beginning as you all know but I never heard consonant until after activation. That is still take some getting used to, so many words that I’m hearing correctly for first time. I have Roger pen that I use for tv and audiobook. The downside of my Roger pen is I can’t use Bluetooth for audiobook, had to be plugged into jack which I’m not understanding. iPhone and iPad has Libby app and can download audiobooks but Bluetooth won’t work with it. I tried other apps such as YouTube, gotta be plugged into jack. Bluetooth works for phone, that’s it. That’s something I don’t get with Roger pen, I must be doing something wrong. Unpaired and repair but it didn’t work. Gonna check out forums about it.
  12. Nice to see someone else in here who was implanted in London as well. I am a Canadian who was implanted January and activated in February and decided on Sonnet over Rondo 2. Directional microphone was the reason.
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