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    I did have a tough first week. I was hearing high frequency for first time. Papers were too loud, dishes and I had to be very very careful even then they were still loud. Adjustment on first follow up as I told my audiologist about how too loud. With 7 months with Sonnet, I still find buses and trucks too annoying when they brake. Dishes are not too bad. 
    But I won’t trade for peace and quiet as I can hear birds and I like hearing them. Cicadas are something else but I don’t actually mind them. My brain just had to adjust for all the new noises. So much noises and I try to figure where they’re coming from. 
    I am deaf both ears and wore only one hearing aid as my left was not getting any benefit from HA. I tend to turn my head a lot because of only one side cochlear implantation and I can pinpoint noise more easily. I found it easier than HA. 
    It only been a week but your brain is still learning all the new noises. It will take a while. I actually know what you’re going through. I cringed a lot when buses stopped and opened doors. Whoosh. Hated that and still do. But I like hearing birds so I wouldn’t wish for lowered high frequency. There may be a few annoying noises for me but I can live with them in ways I can. At live outdoor concerts, volumes for speakers were set pretty high and I had to turn the volume down on my Sonnet with fine tuner. I wouldn’t trade high frequency for peace and quiet as I really like listening to nature. 
    I'm adjusting to life of more hearing but I’m loving it. Last follow up, my audiologist turned up my low frequency during mapping after hearing test as it was a bit low. Musics On YouTube sound better now.  So in short, it only been a week for you but your brain is taking on far too much right now, it will eventually learn the noises and you will be able to leave your house but you will probably still be annoyed with certain noises. 
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    From Med-El. Was doing research and saw there is a forum so I checked it out. 
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    Now Hells Bells sounds much better. 
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