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  1. Naomi, I grew up with a profound loss, hearing aids and mainstreamed. I stopped wearing the FM system in 6th Grade and kept up on homework to be prepared for class the next day and sat in the front row. The technology and interface with hearing aids or cochlear implant without having to wear different equipment is incredible. My hearing impaired support liaison, who traveled to different schools and school districts in the course of the week, was in touch with my progress and approaching the teachers in classes I was struggling in to get additional support. Just as you are advocating for her, she will learn to advocate for herself. I recommend to watch the documentary "The Listening Project", by Irene Brodsky. Various local chapters of AG Bell have offered the opportunity to see it in full format. There are excerpts on youTube as well as the QA session at the first screening.
  2. It is valuable to have a listening partner/coach and take notes in the beginning months. I have a great audiologist but an an audiologist is not going to be able to get the full picture of strengths and weaknesses through a 25-word list in a hearing booth. During the initial months of having a CI, I had done an online search for word lists used for hearing tests as well as sentence matrixes. My listening coach would track which words I got incorrect and if there was a pattern of missed consonants and vowels that I could report on at my next mapping appointment. Those frequencies that the consonants and vowels can be adjusted. Music took time, and I understood male vocalists before women vocalists. Now, I'm picking out the words that I've had wrong in songs after decades of wearing hearing aids.
  3. What I'm most curious about is how strong the signal strength will be with using it for the TV. Roger is not strong enough, unlike Bose QC35 which I have more freedom to move around with.
  4. I am approaching 3 years so it will be another several years before an upgrade.
  5. I spend my entire work day in adaptive and worked with my Audi on this program to help reduce the background noise. There is a difference from Natural. A surprise with having a CI is that I can now hear through the sound masking system and more aware of what is going on in my surroundings, a door open/close and the coffee machine beep whereas with a hearing aid, I did not.
  6. Curious to know whether ASM 3.0 is a software update option to Sonnet 1. Wonder if it would help reduce background noise of my office's soundmasking/white noise system.
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