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  1. Hello, My audiologist set me up with a hearing aid in addition to my BoneBridge/Samba as planned from my last post. Have been using it for almost two months. The results are still dismal. I still have no clarity when out in the real world. It is not even much better using it around the house in normal conversations. The Hearing Aid gives a little added relief but still unacceptable. I am very disappointed with Med-El and their Samba unit for my situation. The results are negligible and not much better than using no devise at all. Unfortunately my opinion is that the BoneBridge/Samba combina
  2. Good Day, I just joined the hearpeers forum and came upon this topic. I had my Bonebridge implanted March 26th of this year and received my Samba unit shortly after. To date I am also very disappointed it the results. I have been back to my audiologist 3 times for adjustments. The last time with a Med-El Rep present. My Main issue is that I see no benefit from the unit when I am in noisy environments. Also when there is any ambient noise in the room (others talking, TV/Radio playing, machine running, etc) I can not clearly hear or understand the person I am talking with. In calm low noi
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