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  1. Heya! I just had my second appointment with audi today. Quite a progress, first thing I tested out was music and I can hear many sounds richer and fuller. Enjoying music way better now. It's not loud enough, because I was way tooo nervous due to fainting spell at activation. So audi tried to go easy with mapping. I was having a chat with a co-worker today, who almost sound like whispering when he talks.. well I unstersood his speech quite good. I understand my wife better, without hearing aid on my other ear. She close her mouth, talk and I can make up the words. No l
  2. Evren


    @Salih Salih merhaba, burası yabancı bir forum. Dolayısıyla sana pek yardımcı olamazlar. Rondo 2 kılıfları için Medel Türkiye ile iletişime geçmen gerekiyor, adres de şu: https://www.meders.com.tr/
  3. I've not had any problem with my Beltone Boost hearing aid and now they even work with iOS 13.. Compatibility problems may occur when Apple release a new iOS update, it should not be hard to fix as they are software oriented problems. As far as I know there are no Made for Android hearing device out there. Android users only have an option to use assistive tech. Here's a full list of made for iPhone hearing devices. It says iPhone, but they can connect to iPad, Apple Watch and even iPod. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT210386 Direct streaming is almost an industry standart for hea
  4. Thanks Peter, The app looks cool but sadly I don't have any Android device. I've downloaded iAngel and Hearoes and they both work great. I also downloaded official rehab docs from Medel website. Gotta check them out soon.
  5. @pdk Indeed Peter, I've listened to same tunes over and over on week period and noticed the improvement on music perception. I was skeptical about training my own brain before the implantation and now I'm amazed with how things improve so fast. The hype is so real
  6. I had plenty of "wow moments" since activation and I find myself discovering more sounds on my daily routines. Truly fascinating indeed. Normally I use hearing aid on my other ear and I have decent hearing on that side too. But I'm starting to warm up to the idea of wearing just Rondo 2. Can't really wait for 2nd mapping appointment which is 2.5 weeks ahead.
  7. Hi Ruth, welcome to the Rondo 2 club. I was implanted on August 21st and activated on September 16th, dates are almost the same I agree the box is too over sized for such tiny device. Although I noticed the Climate Partner logo on the back of it. I take climate change seriously so thought it was so nice of Med-El to act responsible for environment. Still, they can adjust box dimensions to make it handier. I'm on your side.
  8. A little update... My music perception is so much better now... Couple of posts above I said I couldn't even hear the intro of Sweet Child O' Mine. Now I started to hear it really good along with more rock/metal tunes. Besides, on my laptop I'm listening with only 20% volume up. I didn't even have good perception with 2 HA's and 100% volume up. I'm not even wearing my other HA. Good times.
  9. Will definitely share my thoughts when I get my hands on it I'm eagerly waiting to reach to the point that I can listen to audio books. There are tons of exciting stuff to do out there.
  10. thanks @Mary Beth I'm going to check the package once I decide to purchase it. Hope they have the newer one. Mini USB and longer battery life always better
  11. @Mary Beth I remember you said somewhere else that Artone 3 Max has an updated version with a better battery life, but I couldn't find any info about which Artone 3 Max is newer. The one with worse battery life had different name or something? My local MED-EL rep sell Artone 3 Max but just want to make sure I buy the correct version.
  12. The sound of toothpaste dripping on the floor. My female cat meows in a funny way with a high pitched voice. Now her voice sounds clearer and funnier I listened to the sound of rain falling along the way, amazing. I just listened to Axel F by Harold Faltermeyer. Since it's mostly synthesizers, the rythm is easy to follow and the tones fit to my frequency range.
  13. @pdk Thank you Peter I'll do more testing on upcoming days. Today I was late for work, because didn't want to get up as my tinnitus is almost non existent when I sleep. Fortunately, after I wake up it was settled down to a level of static white noise. Still loud, but not louder like post-op and pre activation tinnitus. Today, I had a fairly strange, if not funny WOW moment. My co-worker was talking to me from behind. I used to figure out what he was saying when I had a pair of HA's on. Today I understood almost every single word he said clearly but my brain was still trying to gue
  14. Thanks @Jewel yes, I read a lot so why not read aloud to myself. I should do that till i get some audio books. So I did more testing with different sounds today. Whistles, I can't even hear my own whistling. It sounds distorted and dull. I can't hear basic guitar solo (intro of Sweet Child O' Mine?) Some sounds are natural (forks, spoons) some are not. I feel like there are some inactive frequencies out there. Curious about the next mapping session.
  15. @Rick H Agreed, must have been too excited and I remember fainting on a hearing test when I was toddler. Now I know why some people faint after listening to opera singers My wife and I only had a chance to talk at home and I'm doing better than I imagined because I can't even read lips without wearing a hearing device. Now with just Rondo 2 on my left side, I can understand most of the conversation but I've to do more aural rehab to do it without lipreading and looking directly at someone. (I was able to do it with hearing aids) @Jewel My next appointment is 1 month after
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