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  1. Heya! I just had my second appointment with audi today. Quite a progress, first thing I tested out was music and I can hear many sounds richer and fuller. Enjoying music way better now. It's not loud enough, because I was way tooo nervous due to fainting spell at activation. So audi tried to go easy with mapping. I was having a chat with a co-worker today, who almost sound like whispering when he talks.. well I unstersood his speech quite good. I understand my wife better, without hearing aid on my other ear. She close her mouth, talk and I can make up the words. No lipreading! My own voice is much better and bass heavy. Doing my favorite voice impressions So,nNext appt is in 3 months. Can't really wait.
  2. Evren


    @Salih Salih merhaba, burası yabancı bir forum. Dolayısıyla sana pek yardımcı olamazlar. Rondo 2 kılıfları için Medel Türkiye ile iletişime geçmen gerekiyor, adres de şu: https://www.meders.com.tr/
  3. I've not had any problem with my Beltone Boost hearing aid and now they even work with iOS 13.. Compatibility problems may occur when Apple release a new iOS update, it should not be hard to fix as they are software oriented problems. As far as I know there are no Made for Android hearing device out there. Android users only have an option to use assistive tech. Here's a full list of made for iPhone hearing devices. It says iPhone, but they can connect to iPad, Apple Watch and even iPod. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT210386 Direct streaming is almost an industry standart for hearing aids, so I say why not for cochlear implants?
  4. Thanks Peter, The app looks cool but sadly I don't have any Android device. I've downloaded iAngel and Hearoes and they both work great. I also downloaded official rehab docs from Medel website. Gotta check them out soon.
  5. @pdk Indeed Peter, I've listened to same tunes over and over on week period and noticed the improvement on music perception. I was skeptical about training my own brain before the implantation and now I'm amazed with how things improve so fast. The hype is so real
  6. I had plenty of "wow moments" since activation and I find myself discovering more sounds on my daily routines. Truly fascinating indeed. Normally I use hearing aid on my other ear and I have decent hearing on that side too. But I'm starting to warm up to the idea of wearing just Rondo 2. Can't really wait for 2nd mapping appointment which is 2.5 weeks ahead.
  7. Hi Ruth, welcome to the Rondo 2 club. I was implanted on August 21st and activated on September 16th, dates are almost the same I agree the box is too over sized for such tiny device. Although I noticed the Climate Partner logo on the back of it. I take climate change seriously so thought it was so nice of Med-El to act responsible for environment. Still, they can adjust box dimensions to make it handier. I'm on your side.
  8. A little update... My music perception is so much better now... Couple of posts above I said I couldn't even hear the intro of Sweet Child O' Mine. Now I started to hear it really good along with more rock/metal tunes. Besides, on my laptop I'm listening with only 20% volume up. I didn't even have good perception with 2 HA's and 100% volume up. I'm not even wearing my other HA. Good times.
  9. Will definitely share my thoughts when I get my hands on it I'm eagerly waiting to reach to the point that I can listen to audio books. There are tons of exciting stuff to do out there.
  10. thanks @Mary Beth I'm going to check the package once I decide to purchase it. Hope they have the newer one. Mini USB and longer battery life always better
  11. @Mary Beth I remember you said somewhere else that Artone 3 Max has an updated version with a better battery life, but I couldn't find any info about which Artone 3 Max is newer. The one with worse battery life had different name or something? My local MED-EL rep sell Artone 3 Max but just want to make sure I buy the correct version.
  12. The sound of toothpaste dripping on the floor. My female cat meows in a funny way with a high pitched voice. Now her voice sounds clearer and funnier I listened to the sound of rain falling along the way, amazing. I just listened to Axel F by Harold Faltermeyer. Since it's mostly synthesizers, the rythm is easy to follow and the tones fit to my frequency range.
  13. @pdk Thank you Peter I'll do more testing on upcoming days. Today I was late for work, because didn't want to get up as my tinnitus is almost non existent when I sleep. Fortunately, after I wake up it was settled down to a level of static white noise. Still loud, but not louder like post-op and pre activation tinnitus. Today, I had a fairly strange, if not funny WOW moment. My co-worker was talking to me from behind. I used to figure out what he was saying when I had a pair of HA's on. Today I understood almost every single word he said clearly but my brain was still trying to guess what he was saying. Fun times.
  14. Thanks @Jewel yes, I read a lot so why not read aloud to myself. I should do that till i get some audio books. So I did more testing with different sounds today. Whistles, I can't even hear my own whistling. It sounds distorted and dull. I can't hear basic guitar solo (intro of Sweet Child O' Mine?) Some sounds are natural (forks, spoons) some are not. I feel like there are some inactive frequencies out there. Curious about the next mapping session.
  15. @Rick H Agreed, must have been too excited and I remember fainting on a hearing test when I was toddler. Now I know why some people faint after listening to opera singers My wife and I only had a chance to talk at home and I'm doing better than I imagined because I can't even read lips without wearing a hearing device. Now with just Rondo 2 on my left side, I can understand most of the conversation but I've to do more aural rehab to do it without lipreading and looking directly at someone. (I was able to do it with hearing aids) @Jewel My next appointment is 1 month after the first one. My audi loaded 4 programs, each one about 4% louder and today I'm going to switch to the last one. I've downloaded iAngel Sounds and Hearoes apps but I need to get some bluetooth speakers as my phone doesn't have a decent speaker. I haven't purchased Artone 3 Max yet. I'm using Rondo 2 with hearing aid on other ear at work. At home I'm doing my rehab without the HA. Currently I'm trying to watch movies/shows with subtitles for rehab and am going to get some audiobooks soon. I want to focus on enviromental sounds but it's hard to do so with loud tinnitus. When sleeping even if I wake up in the middle of it, there's no loud ringing in my brain except maybe some white noise, so I hope it will settle down soon
  16. thanks @Mary Beth You know, my loud tinnitus started 30 hours post-op, settled down in 4 days and I was OK for 2 weeks. Last thursday it appeared again and now it's getting even louder at work. When sleeping it's not noticeable at all. I wake up and tinnitus wakes up with me. Such a strange phenomenon.
  17. Hi everyone, So after a long wait, my Rondo 2 finally activated on Monday I've introduced myself on another topic but let me do that again. My name is Evren, I'm 35 and my implant is Synchrony ST /w flex28 electrode array. This is my first implant and I'm currently using hearing aid on my other ear which is slightly better (about 10%) than my implanted ear. Wish I'd say I had an amazing activation but I unexpectedly fainted after testing out the higher pitched sounds. I have to talk to my ENT about it on my next appt, but weird that, I've not read anywhere that something like that would happen, nor my audi encountered it before. My Rondo 2 didn't stay on my head so my audi switched to 4S magnet but still it fall down sometimes. Guess, I have to wait for the swelling to heal. Fortunatetly, things only got better after first mapping is done. I scored 65% on my first speech discrimination test with Rondo 2, and it's up from 6% w/o hearing aid and 14% with hearing aid. The first sounds I heard were really funny. My audi clapped his hands and I was not expecting to hear pair of "beeps" instead of regular clapping sound. I think it will go more natural in time. At home, I've tried out some familiar tunes on Spotify. It's nowhere near perfect but I can hear vocals so that's something! Day 2- I can understand my wife better even without the hearing aid. Being invaded with so many f, s, h letters help maintaining better speech perception I guess. Sniffs and inhales Light switches, office equipment, peeing etc. sound fuller and richer than before. I didn't even know clothing make so much sound as well. In the afternoon, I was at my regular cafe and I heard the ambient music and made out the soft vocals in it. That's a new! Day 3- Hello birds (lots of birds) I still have loud ringing post-op tinnitus (newly developed) on my ear, and Rondo 2 didn't help much to reduce it. Hopefully it will fade away in time and I will keep you updated
  18. Hi @Rick H I got implanted last month and my activation is on Monday. I did lots of research to decide whether I should go with Rondo 2 or Kanso. Kanso is slightly smaller but I think that's hardly noticable. I choosed Rondo 2 mainly because of the wireless charging, and the interior part (Synchrony) is imho superior to the Cochlear's Nucleus as it has complete cochlear coverage plus the flexible electrodes. Like others say, choosing right interior piece is the key part because sound processors tend to change every few years. Cochlear Nucleus 7 has direct iphone connectivity as well, but I'm hoping for built in 2.4ghz bluetooth for Rondo 3 sometime in the future. Sonnets already have it. I do listen to old/new music a lot with my hearing aids, attend to concerts (last one was Guns N' Roses) so music have an important part in my life. But I told myself, I could sacrifice music if I'm going to have better speech discrimination. It's all about prioritizing what you expect from cochlear implants.
  19. Evren

    Rondo 2 on airplanes

    Actually, I was thinking of making a wish list for Rondo 3. You read my mind! @Mary Beth Built-in BT connection is a MUST for Rondo 3. MFI Hearing Aid's first introcuded like 5 years ago, it kinda feels like a downgrade when it comes to direct audio streaming. We can't even use over the head headphones. @MED-EL Moderator please hear our wishes
  20. Evren

    Rondo 2 on airplanes

    How good is the sound quality of mini battery pack with red cable @Mary Beth have you ever tried? I usually listen on the go and being able to block external sounds on my MFI hearing aid was a big plus for me. So I wonder how things work out with a 90/10 mix on subway and airplanes. Guess Artone would make so much buzzing I know because I've used t-coil earhooks before. Wish we had more viable options for Rondo 2.
  21. Interesting tip, although I would not recommend as I'm not sure if it's safe in any way but when I put my hearing aid on my implanted ear and it immediately cut down tinnitus.(4th day post surgery) I wore it for a min, took it off and the ringing improved for a while. I can hear the activation beeps of my HA, the feedback and some of the high frequency sounds. I can't hear any low freq with or without HA, despite the Flex28. Feels weird as I thought it was more likely to keep my low freq.
  22. @Mary Beth Actually I do have tinnitus after taking off my HA's by night, but it sounds like very low buzzing of an air conditioner but post-op one is infinite ringing in my ear. It's slightly decreased now and it doesn't affect my sleeping quality, so I'm OK with that. @Mary Featherston thank you, yes we both doing fine. better than expected! can't really wait for the activation
  23. Hi @Mary Beth yes, Rondo 2 for both of us. Still negotiating activation date, shouldn't take long. I have newly developed 24h tinnitus, something I was not expecting at all. hope it goes away after I put on the processor.
  24. Update! The operation (on August 21) went fine (both me and mother) No dizziness, mild pain night after the surgery which is gone now. My implanted ear developed loud tinnitus about 30 hours after the op. I never had serious tinnitus problems as I always wear my HA's since I started using them 17 years ago. 2nd night I slept well but tinnitus is still there. Can't really say anything about residual hearing at the moment, but when I clear my throat I might hearing things. For now, the ear feels like it's filled with liquid. This is the story so far
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