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  1. Interesting read indeed. I wonder if traditionally implanted will get any use of it. Still, not amused with the idea of carrying batteries inside your head though.
  2. BT technology was introduced in 1998 bu we still go after 3rd party gear or MFI brands. It should be mandatory in any hearing device in 2019 so that's one big step for our community. Now, fingers crossed for Rondo 3
  3. @Mary Beth Your cochleas have different sizes or that was a personal choice to go with 24mm in one? I know flex is slightly thinner for residual hearing but I wonder if that make big difference with bass tones.
  4. Hey again I got some updates, My audi told me that we will get Synchrony ST model with standart arrays. I was shocked as I was expecting flex. Then, she had a call with my doctor and they decided on Flex28! I don't know how to feel now. I was told that the standart model is lenghty with 31,5mm and the flex is 28 and atravmatic. I'm very confused tbh. Do you think 3,5mm difference worth the hassle?
  5. Hi @Jewel nice to meet you! I know we'll get the latest Synchrony implant with 3.0 Tesla MRI safety and flex electrodes, should ask the professionals about further details though, thanks for reminding me I don't rely on lipreading most of the time, actually when I take of my HA's my lipreading success rate is 0% so I guess my journey will be a different one. Really feeling optimistic now, especially for my mum. I will keep you posted more and more. Thanks!
  6. Hello @Mary Beth big fan of you in the forum Yes, we both will have the surgery on the same day! Great to hear you progressed well on your CI journey. I'm really excited about how our results will end up. Thank you so much, can't wait to share more of my journey with you guys.
  7. Hey everyone, I just signed up but I was surfing the forum for a year since I got interested on CI's. Many cool stories here So, my name is Evren and I'm from Turkey. I'm getting my first time surgery on August 21st, along with my mother who also is a first timer. I'm 35 years old and using bilateral hearing aids since my 18. We both decided on Rondo 2. I do not have many concerns for myself (for now), my concern is for my mother. She's 62, and most of her life she didn't use hearing aid until 4 years ago and she relies heavily on lipreading. She only use HA on one ear. Our audiogram output is almost the same (av. 90-95db sensorinueral postlingual loss, moderately severe+ in low freq, profound+ on high freq) My mother is slightly better than me on lows. I'd like to hear your stories -if you have any kind of similar one- to compare "befores and afters" of surgery about lipreading and CI performance. Our main concer is My mother's not getting a decent speech perception much like her HA, so we don't want her surgery to become a a total waste. Though, I still believe that she might start to hear sounds like doorbell, birds chirping etc she never heard since childhood.
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