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  1. Well I am pleased to say the activation is going great! The Audi, Louse at Attune Mt Barker, seems pretty pleased with the progress - I've had two mappings and I have started the online rehab, really pleased to say I can understand words, well most of them anyway! Still have lots of odd and unusual noises but I worked out that if I turn the volume down a little, it is a little clearer. I had a bit of a problem with excessive nasal fluid and blood nose, Doc suggests that's the tubes clearing out after the op. Seems to be pretty good now. Overall I seem to be adjusting quite well, a little confusing sorting out the bedside table with all the accessories - drying box, rechargeable batteries etc.... have managed to work out the Bluetooth/ computer link cords etc. So exciting and rewarding! Thanks to you all for your help, advice and support. Cheers Lorna
  2. I am getting the Sonnet and the Rondo 2. I am curious as to how the sound will differ between them both, and also how/if they operate with Bluetooth - but I guess that is one of the many questions that will be answered next week - I have a 2 hr appointment Monday and 2 hr appointment Tuesday. Feeling excited and apprehensive at the same time.
  3. Thanks Daniel - Surgery went really well. Dr Chawla is exceptional - I feel very fortunate to have been directed to him. Healing has been pretty good - a couple of dizzy days but that seems to have passed. I get activated on Monday and hopefully that goes as good as the surgery.
  4. Hi Everyone - so happy to read these success stories and happy to add another one . I had my first CI surgery on October 4, I was soo anxious heading into the theatre but the wonderful Dr Chawla and his team at St Andrews, South Australia, had me relaxed in minutes. One minute they are talking about holidaying in my happy place, New Zealand, and the next I am waking up and feeling fine, tired but fine! I do think the tiredness was self inflicted however from not sleeping the night before! I have had next to no pain, no discomfort and very little dizziness - day 4 was the worst, I did have waves of nausea and the 'spins' but not too bad, going down steps was definitely the worst for that. My taste has been a little off, only on the left side, my mouth feels like it is coated with some drying agent, I am always thirsty and yet water does not taste like water, it tastes like it is coated and not actually touching my mouth, weird I know! Only other thing that is 'wrong' is toothpaste - it burns something chronic on the left side, rest of the mouth is ok so I am just presuming it is some kind of nerve tingle. I had my post op follow up on 11 October and Dr Chawla was super pleased with the healing and how the op went, according to the Medel rep that was in surgery with me - it was 'textbook' - so now I just wait for activation on 21 October. My tinnitus though has been really weird, initially on waking it was gone - I had silence which was just beautiful. Slowly though, it has returned, but it is really different, I don't understand it because it now has electronic sounding beeps, like the noises the traffic lights make when waiting to cross. It sounds like I can electronically hear my pulse - bip, bip, bip ….. etc. and if I bend down and straighten up, it is like a 'whoosh' noise. I don't understand it at all, but it is what it is and if I am going mad - at least no one else can hear it!! Perhaps I am activated already and just waiting for the speaker to be attached to translate al the bips and bops and whooshes!! The other day I put my headphone into my troubled side to listen to some tinnitus therapy nature sounds and was pleased to hear trickling water if I turned it to max - that is great because it means I still have some residual hearing in the treated side. I am really excited for October 21 and feeling so blessed to have had such an amazing Dr and support crew around me. Huge thanks to you Mary Beth, I really appreciate all your support over recent months and I look forward to updating you all on my next adventure - 'When the Voices return' - Wishing you all a day filled with sunshine and happiness x
  5. Thanks for all your input, I am going ahead on 4 October - I am deaf on the left - the Audiologist & Med El spec has recommended the Sonnet and Rondo 2 - so, fingers crossed! I am in South Oz, it seems to be more Cochlear than Med El and AB used here.
  6. Thank you, I do appreciate your assistance.
  7. Thanks again for, yet more information - your right, it is overwhelming. Yesterday I saw the surgeon and have a date set for October 4. Anxiety reigns supreme at this time!! I was and still am set on Med El. I was surprised when he said he implanted 95/100 Cochlear to 5/100 Med El - this then put me into melt down again - am I choosing the correct implant?? It is like being offered a car - here, take your pick - do you want Ford, Holden or VW ?? So very overwhelming. Whilst I am still team Med El,, especially for the rechargeable batteries, the company, the electrodes - I am trying to understand the Bluetooth option - can you receive calls, podcasts, audio books direct to the implant only when wearing the audio link? and do you need to carry around remotes with you or can you adjust settings on a iPhone App? I really appreciate your help with these questions, many thanks, Lorna
  8. Thank you for your help Mary Beth, I do appreciate all you share, it is such a confusing time!
  9. Hi, I am currently searching for info regarding the Sonnet 2 and Rondo 2 - I am meeting with the surgeon on Monday to discuss choice of implant, at this time I am leaning toward MedEl but I am confused as to the connectivity with BT. My question is - do you have to have the audiolink (remote control) on you at all times or does the BT work directly through the phone App? Also - the battery option - is the Sonnet 2 operational with rechargeable and disposable batteries or is it one or the other? Is this the same for the Rondo 2? Thank you for your help Lorna
  10. Thank you so much for forwarding the links, they have answered many of my questions.
  11. Thanks so much for your comments, really appreciated. Just one query, does the med el processor automatically pick up changes in environment and adjust or do you have to adjust as required?
  12. Hi Everyone, I live in Adelaide and lost my left side hearing last July, virus they think - I am now 12 months into the new journey of tinnitus and hearing loss. After a year of treatment (didn't work), information overload (so much to try and understand) and finally approval for a CI - I am now in the position of selecting from one of the three. Currently I am leaning toward Med El. From my understanding the sound is more natural and music is still music! I am concerned that I just don't know what I should be looking for or what questions I should be asking - I read some CI have scanners to focus on areas of sound, others the batteries rechargeable vs disposable, attachments and accessories. I guess, like everyone, I would like my hearing to sound as normal as possible, especially music. I am hoping to have better awareness of where sound is coming from - hilarious when I'm out shopping with my daughter and she calls my name - I stand there doing the 360 scan until some kind soul points me in the right direction! I don't like carrying around accessories - so I am really looking for something simple that clips on and works for the day until it needs a recharge! I don't like the idea of putting microphones in the middle of the table so I can hear better - still I guess I could dress them up as a centrepiece if needed!! Basically just wondering if what I am looking for is available with Med-el - any assistance would be appreciated Many thanks
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