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  1. I am not having any problems but I was interested to see if there was anyone else with a CI and a wig. I might have to have another CI done next year. I was wondering if I could get away from the Sonnet and try the Rondo. Sometimes it is alot on my EAR with the wig, glasses and the processor. No one is sure if the Rondo would work OK under the wig. The wig is pretty thin as it is a short pixie style. I know that people with normal head of hair would have more hair over the Rondo then I would with my wig. thanks for replying
  2. I have alopecia ( hair lost on most of my body) so I wear a wig every time I leave my house. I had the CI Sonnet done Oct, 2016. I just wanted to know if anyone else wears a wig with their CI. thanks Carol
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