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  1. H Mary Beth @Mary Beth, Thanks so much for responding with such a thorough explanation. I have seen your videos in the past and they are all very good. I have used neckloops years ago (1990s) with my first Nokia cell phone and hearing aids and they have always been a great solution to hearing loud and clear crisp sound. Thanks for clearing up the mystery of what the Inspiro is all about. I totally agree with you that the Artone neckloop or Quattro Pro are better choices and are definitely superior to what I'm experiencing with the Roger Select. Basically, the sound is not adeq
  2. Hi Mary Beth, I'm new here and have been looking for an answer about the Roger Select. I was activated June 2019 and still experimenting with all this equipment (HA in other ear). Have used ALD equip with HA in the past - loop systems, Neckloops, even Williams Sound transmitter/receiver with silhouettes. Now with CI, I have Sonnet and Roger Select/Roger 21 (no pen, Artone, or Quattro). When I paired my Roger 21 boot with Roger Select , the volume is never loud enough, whether through TV or streaming from cell phone with audio book or phone call. This is with full volume on pho
  3. Thanks Mary Beth. I've got the Sonnet and Rondo2. Like them both. Is the research group interested in a particular group or type of hearing loss?
  4. Mary Beth, Brand new here. I would love to participate in the research in Durham, NC. Can you please provide me with the information too? Thanks so much. I got my first CI activated on June 11, 2019 (68 yrs old). SNHL in both ears. Worn HA in right ear since 16 yo and HA in left ear since 30yo. Both ears qualified (18% left, 22% right). Surgery at UCI Medical Center Orange, CA with Dr. Hamid Djalilian. Still waiting for this to progress and pass up HA in other ear. Doing lots of regular aural rehab from Julie Hustings site and audio books, you tube and ted talks. You na
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