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  1. I find that the hook on the Sonnet 2 is too short for my ear (especially with glasses and a face mask causing the unit to fall off frequently. Are there longer hooks available. Not sure if large hooks mean longer. Thanks. Don
  2. Don Doherty

    The ReadApp

    I have a great program on my iPad called the ReadApp. It basically gives you two words, then a speaker pronounces the word, and you select the correct word. If you get more than two out of 6 words incorrectly, then you go yo practice where the word is repeated three times in sequence to help you recognize it. Then you go back to the original comparison and try to answer correctly. The first lesson on Vowels is free but to continue with all the other lessons you pay $19.95 which have been OK but I still can’t unlock the other lessons. I sent an email to the App developer and the support desk. H
  3. Thanks. If I see any mugs I’ll grab one. At the HLAA Convention in June I was able to get a nice red t-shirt. I’ll let folks know if I see any mugs.
  4. I had to swap out my magnet to a level 4 and so far it’s been holding up well. I was glad to get a strong recommendation to keep my Rondo attached with a clip. While attending to toilet duties I had an itch and scratched forgetting for a moments that my Rondo 2 was attached to my head. You all know what happened next, my Rondo took a dive straight for the hopper saved at the last moment by my safely line. I will always keep my line attached. I don’t know for sure but I’m pretty positive my Rondo 2 can’t swim! Don
  5. Thank you Mary Beth. I like the Pirate cover the best and as it generates attention it gives me a chance to talk about hearing loss and what folks can do to communicate better. I also ordered the container case you recommended. It will be much easier to store and transport my various pieces of equipment. Now to find some Med-El stickers.... Are they available too? Thanks again for your help and support. Don
  6. Hi Everyone, I have been enjoying your posts. It helps to realize there is so much more to learn. I was implanted on September 5th and activated September 24th. I am trying to find out who to go to order the more colorful Rondo 2 covers. The product catalog says contact your local Med-El representative but I don’t have one that I know of. I may have to wait until I see my audiologist again and ask the question. How have others been ordering accessories. Thank, Don
  7. Hi Dave, I am a new CI recipient as well. I wan implanted on 9/5 and activated with a Rondo 2 on 9/24. I’m also waiting for the Sonnet 2 to ship and from what I am reading it will be worth the wait. If you get any pain issues I was taking two Tylenol every six hours and was told to take two ibuprofen at the three hour mark. That did the trick and I didn’t need any major pain meds. After 4-5 days I had no pain but still have quit.e a bit of swelling. With regard to your trip you will probably not have very much discrimination. My audiologist has me still getting used to volume. She ga
  8. Hi Gang, I’m also new to the Rondo 2 experience. I was activated on the 24th and heard high pitch sounds that I hadn’t heard in 50 years. So while I can’t understand conversation yet, I am working on getting used to volume and practicing on drills every day. I was also a little disappointed with the packaging of my Rondo 2. From my attending MEd-El Mingle groups I anticipated getting what looked like luggage or a suitcase to hold all my equipment. Imagine my surprise when I was given a large carry all bag containing two oversized boxes and two small black cases. This was ju.st for th
  9. Hi Dawn, You made the same choices that I did for audio processors - the Sonnet 2 and Rondo 2. I was activated yesterday and will be using my Rondo 2 until my Sonnet 2 comes in. I think it will be worth the wait for the Sonnet 2. Let me know how your experience with the Sonnet 1 goes. Good Luck! Don
  10. Hi Rick, I’m new to CI’s and was implanted on September 5th and activated on the 24th. I did a lot of research on the cochlear implants themselves and the audio processors. My CI doctor used the Synchrony 2 array and felt the flexibility of placement could get close to the auditory nerve which helps in brain discrimination. She said she had a lot of success with the particular implant. I opted for the Sonnet 2 audio processor because it is the latest technology and does many listening adaptations automatically. You can read about it on the Med-El website. I guess it’s so new, their
  11. Does anyone know when the Sonnet 2 will start shipping? I was a little disappointed that it hadn’t arrived by my activation yesterday. Thanks, Don
  12. Well, I was activated yesterday and after the wait it was an awesome experience to say the least. During activation I heard high pitch sounds that I haven’t heard in over 50 years. I was using a Rondo 2 audio processor because my Sonnet 2 hasn’t come it yet. I had a problem with the Rondo 2 in that the processor kept falling off because the magnet wasn’t strong enough. Without the wires I was able to keep it on but with a safety line clipped to my shirt. I heard sounds but wasn’t able to discriminate words without lip reading. When I took off the processor at bedtime I heard after sounds that
  13. Thank you Daniel for your stories post activation. It gives me additional perspective of what to expect after my activation on September 24th. I may do a day by day report as you have on my experiences.
  14. Semper Fidelis, Implant -Synchrony 2 - Sep 4, 2019; Activation with Sonnet 2 & Rondo 2 on 9/24/19.
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