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  1. Thank you Daniel for your stories post activation. It gives me additional perspective of what to expect after my activation on September 24th. I may do a day by day report as you have on my experiences.
  2. Thanks Mary, that is encouraging.
  3. Semper Fidelis, Implant -Synchrony 2 - Sep 4, 2019; Activation with Sonnet 2 & Rondo 2 on 9/24/19.
  4. Thanks for the help on getting my pictures straight. I have one for profile and one for my posts. Really accents my approaching frontal baldness. That’s fine as I plan on making my future audio processors colorful and noticeable. Maybe then folks will look at me when talking, especially my many cashiers, who look down while talking and making change!.
  5. Thank you Percy. I see Dr Moody again on 10/29 and will see how good her memory is. She came highly recommended and I was fortunate to have her as my surgeon. I belong to HLAA and Dr Moody performed their surgeries as well.
  6. Thank you all. The article by Mary Beth was new to me. The key words for me were “surgeon preference” and the ability to make a better placement. As the implant works in the background, I’m assuming that I’ll be primarily focused on my audio processors, Sonnet 2 & Rondo 2, for the perception differences I will experience.
  7. I uploaded a photo to use with my profile. I expected to see my photo in the circle when posting but it’s not there. Could someone give me a step-by-step to this process. Thanks, Don
  8. I have a bilateral neurosensory hearing loss and was implanted on September 5th with a recently FDA approved Synchrony 2 implant. In my research on this implant I have learned it is primarily used for single sided deafness. It also helps with better comprehension of speech for those with one implant. I’ll be using the Sonnet 2 and Rondo 2 following activation on September 24th. I’m curious as to why I received an implant designed for single sided deafness and wonder if this will cause any future difficulties especially if I get a second cochlear implant in the future. Has anyone else had experience with the Synchrony 2 implant? Or read articles about its impact on bilateral profound hearing loss? Thanks, Don
  9. Hello Everyone, I am new to the group and would like to introduce myself. My name is Don Doherty and I am 73 years young. I lost some of my hearing while serving as an automatic rifleman in the Marine Corps during my tour in Vietnam (66-67). It got bad enough that I was medically evacuated from Puerto Rico in 1970 where I was then stationed, to Philadelphia Naval Hospital which was the Hearing Center at the time. I was tested and diagnosed with bilateral neurosensory high frequency hearing loss and had a hearing aid ordered. While waiting for the aid to come in I was fortunate to undergo an aural rehabilitation program which the military had in those days. When my in-the-ear aid came in (June 1970) I learned I was being recommended for discharge. I appealed this Physical Evaluation Board (PEB) finding and was allowed to finish my Marine Corps career provided I change my military occupational speciality and limit my exposure to loud noise. I had many challenges being a Marine with a hearing aid but finally retired in 1987. When I was released from the Marine Corps I went to the Veterans Administration where I was issued a much needed second hearing aid. I then worked for the Veterans Administration for the next 25 years. All totaled I had worn hearing aids for about 45 years. As my hearing grew progressively worse, my audiologist told me my hearing aids were no longer helping me. I then began to consider getting a Cochlear Implant. It took me doing some study and research before I finally made the commitment to proceed. The approval process came from the Veterans Administration as my hearing loss was considered service connected and they were going to pay for it. I chose Med-El because I wanted the latest technology, the ability to have an MRI, and an implant that could get as close to the hearing nerve as possible. I also attended two Med-El Mingles where I liked the staff especially Taylor Sands who was very helpful and answered many of my questions. My decision to get a cochlear implant was reinforced by these Med-El activities and contacts. On September 5th I received a Synchrony 2 Cochlear Implant from the esteemed Dr Stephanie Antonio-Moody at Norfolk-Sentara General Hospital in Norfolk, VA. I can’t believe it’s been only six days ago. I have met my Cochlear Implant audiologist, Dr Anna Louthan, and will be getting the Sonnet 2 and Rondo 2 audio processors. My activation date is September 24th, just 13 days away, and I am anxious to begin my new life’s journey. I thank everyone in advance for your support. Semper Fi, Don
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