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  1. Hi everyone i just wanted to thank everyone for sharing your experiences & advice! It really helped me to make an informed decision! I had my pre-op appointment with my surgeon & audiologists yesterday. In 2 weeks from today I’ll start my new journey & be implanted with a Med-el Synchrony with Sonnet2/Rondo2 processors! Yeah!!😀 getting nervous but I’m sure it is going to be great! thanks again Rick H
  2. Hi Evren Just thought I’d check to see how your activation went, I know you said you were getting activated on Monday! Wow sounds like your experiencing a lot of new sounds! That’s really exciting! Sorry about the fainting spell but maybe you were just too excited by that much new sound! I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about! Of course I don’t know yet but everything I’ve researched about it sounds normal, the odd sounds, & increased tinnitus. All that should calm down in the coming weeks & you will begin to progress to the point where things seem normal! I’m still about 6 weeks behind you. I get implanted in 2 weeks. Can’t wait! How is your wife liking you hearing her better? I know my wife can hardly wait to be able communicate better with me. I’ve been with her almost 35 years so she’s used to me using her as my own personal interpreter! Lol. well wishing you the best my friend! Keep us posted on your progress! Rick H
  3. Thanks Ricky it helps a lot with my decision, thank you. My hi frequency are also gone pretty much & consonants have been a thing of the past for quite awhile! I’m also a big fan of AC/DC, (that was the last concert I attended) but I like all kinds of Rock music! Mostly 80s stuff , probably because that’s when I heard the best! Lol I’m really looking forward getting this done soon starting this journey! thanks for the input! Rick H
  4. Hi Jewel Wow that sounds great! Yes I think my center is a 2 processor center. If so I’m going to try for the Sonnet2 since they have the swap program going on now. I’m really leaning toward Med-El, I have until Thursday to make my decision but that sounds like the way to go. Glad to hear it’s working so well for you & your enjoying your Med-Els so much! Thanks for your input it really helps with my decision! Rick H I hope I’m not flooding this post with double entries! I keep hitting the submit reply & sometimes it doesn’t save my responses. Still learning to use this forum I guess! Lol
  5. Thanks Mary Beth i agree it really is the implant itself that will be the most important for music!
  6. Hi Mary Beth yes I'm really looking forward to hearing my granddaughter talk! I also only plan on using tech for limited things like that & phone calls, maybe TV.
  7. Thanks Evren i think you & I are on the same page! I’m really leaning toward MedEl for the exact same reasons. The rechargeable battery of the Rondo2 is really a nice feature & to stream either one of the OTE processors would still require some sort of ALD anyhow. I agree also if I had to choose between speech & music I’d take speech, & think medEl is going to give the best chance at acquiring enjoyable music! Guns & Roses would have been a great concert! Sounds like we both enjoy the same music also! Best of luck to you on your activation I hope it all works out for you! thanks Rick H
  8. Thanks John I was curious if the Rondos sound quality would be less than that of the Sonnet since it has only 1 mic. That is something I would expect but hopefully it is still an acceptable sounding processor. I’m looking at getting both so I’d have a back up anyhow.(it’s something my surgeon recommended) I also feel that the MedEls are superior but the only way for me to know for sure is by talking to people like you who have experienced this first hand. I realize frustration is probably going to be part of the process as well. I hope it improves for you. Just give it time & it will work out for you! Thanks for the info & take care ! Rick H
  9. Thanks Mary thats kind of what I was thinking . The streaming sounds beneficial but most of the times I’d be using my implants just the way they were intended, just hearing. Hi tech features are great but I don’t want to base my main decision on them. As new technology improves processors I’m sure the MedEls will stream like the cochlear s do but Like I said before I think the implant itself is the most important thing. Its what we live with for years or a lifetime & I just want to get the best I possibly can. I am so looking forward to just being able to hear & communicate with people again! I am so inspired by reading about everyone’s experiences & wow moments on this forum. Its just great & gives me so much hope for the future. One of my biggest reasons for taking this leap of faith is I have a 4 month old granddaughter & I don’t want her to struggle to communicate with me. Thanks again Mary for all the advice Rick H
  10. Thanks Mary I appreciate your input! Yes I kind of ruled out AB because they don’t offer an OTE processor. So it’s really between the Rondo2 & Kanso, even though I’m planning on getting a processor like the sonnet2 or nucleus 7 as well (I think my center is a 2 processor center). I like the streaming capability of the cochlear brand a lot but I’m sure I can set up the Med-El s to stream as well just need to get extra ALDs. Do you do much streaming with yours? I really know I should focus more on the implant than the processor anyhow but the features seem to be in the processor. I also really like that the Rondo2 are rechargeable. That’s a big plus on my list as well! I take it you’ve not experienced any reliability issues? For the most part all brands seem to be very reliable. I still find choosing brands is the most overwhelming, they all seem to be good. Glad to hear you are enjoying yours so much & that your hearing is getting even better. I’ve been told that it will continue to improve for up to 2 years. Sounds like you are doing good on your journey & enjoying the process! thanks & best wishes to you Rick H
  11. Hi Mary Beth i am going to Bellevue ENT. Yeah I’m not sure if the Sonnet 2 will be out yet but I’m hoping by the time I get activated which is November 5th they will be. I’m getting excited but also nervous, but can hardly wait to start this journey! My doctor told me I actually qualified for implants 5 years ago, but the doctor I was seeing then just gave me hearing aids. I started losing my hearing 20 years ago due to noise exposure from my job & it has steadily gotten worse to the point where I only have about 14% left. Watching all the videos of other people who have gone through this I can relate so much to everything they say. People just don’t realized how much you withdraw socially & how much it changes your daily life & relationships! I am so ready to give this a try! I’ve been reading all the info & forums & watching people who have been through it. Everyone is so inspirational! I think I pretty know what to expect & I know it will hard work. But I have a great doctor & team & supportive family & friends. Thanks for all the info I’m looking forward to the journey & starting a new part of my life! Rick
  12. Thanks Mary Beth thank you for the links/articles . They were very helpful to me. I’ve been leaning towards Med-El s for a while now. I have to make my decision in about 9 days & I like all the things & stories I’ve heard about Med-El. I think my implant center is a 2 processor center so I’m thinking about the sonnet 2 & Rondo 2. Do you know if back ground noise is a problem with the Rondo as they only have 1 mic? I like the way the cochlear brand connects with IPhone direct but with the new audio link I think the Med-El would connect up pretty easy as well. Besides I’m thinking the implant itself is more important & I really like the MRI safety of the Synchrony. Plus Med-Els I’ve always heard are better for music. I know music can take a lot of work to learn & everyone is different as far as being able to enjoy it again but that is important to me. Thank you again & I really appreciate your advice! Rick H
  13. Thanks Daniel, I’ve heard Med-El is the best for music but I’ve heard very little about how the other brands perform for music, so that helps me a lot! I read that music can require a lot of rehabilitation & some people never really learn to enjoy it with implants. I know for each person it’s different but I hope yours gets better as time goes on. Thanks for your input!
  14. Hi everyone I’m Rick from Washington & I have profound hearing loss in both ears . I have been qualified for implants in both ears & am scheduled to be implanted on the left side in October! I am still trying to decide which brand but am leaning toward Med-El or Cochlear mainly for the OTE processors.(Rondo 2 or Kanso) all the brands seem to be great but all also claim to be the best . My question to you is how happy are you with the sound quality of your implant & the customer service you receive from Med-El. Choosing the right brand seems to be the hardest decision as a doctor doesn’t really know how each sound unless he has one. I know it’s also a tough thing to answer for most recipients as they are used to only the brand They chose. Also music is very important to me as well . How would you rate the quality of music thru your implant? I know sometimes music can be a hard thing to acquire again. I’m nervous & excited as most people are before getting an implant, but reading a lot of the stories & experiences on this forum have really helped me to know what to expect. Now just Down to making the final decision for brand. I trying also to base my decision on the implant itself as I know the new technology changes every few years for the processors & those tend to be upgraded, So I really like the synchrony! Have any of you experienced any reliability issues with that implant? Any input you can share would be great! Thanks Rick
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