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  1. Thanks Mary Beth, yes I’m enjoying it very much & am doing great. At my last doctors /Audi appointment they told me after 6 weeks of activation I was sitting where most people are at 6 months so I feel very fortunate for it to be working so well. Still waiting for the Sonnet2 to get here for the swap. I really can hardly wait to see how well does!😁 I’ll keep you posted Rick H
  2. I agree with you Peter about how much better the CI is compared to my old HA, it’s just amazing. I’m only about 3 months in after my activation & now I notice the deeper tones are giving me the hardest problems with voices. Making them sound muttled & hard to understand. Something I’ll have to see if they can correct at the next mapping. Not sure why it’s changing like that but I think it has something to do with the mic sensitivity because if I cup my hand behind the Rondo2 the voices become much clearer. Definitely would be cool to see how everyone does with a selected piece of music also. Some music I hear sounds great while others don’t do as well. I think the style has a lot to do with it! More heavy rock with defined percussion always seems to do better than complex pieces. I’ll keep an eye out & try to get in on the experiment! Rick H
  3. Hi Melissa that statement was from Daniel the stranger, who I believe is a CA recipient.
  4. Hi Melissa yes I do like the streaming capability of the CA implant both in regards to their hearing aid & to the direct to iPhone as well. It was definitely one of the things that made me think of them as a possible implant choice. It seems like all the other companies do tend to catch up & get the latest technology as time goes on. It’s like when I first started looking into my CI Medel was the only one that was MRI safe & by the time I had to make my decision all 3 had that feature which really made it even more difficult. For that reason I focused mainly on the features of the implant itself as that is what stays with you while the exterior processor & their streaming technology & other features improve & are upgraded about every 5 years or so without the need for surgery. another nice feature that I liked about the CA nucleus implant was that they have the thinnest electrodes which is good for preserving any residual hearing. That’s a great feature! Also they have 22 electrodes compared to medels 12 & AB 16, even though my surgeon told me it’s not the number of electrodes but the processing that make a big difference. If you go to this website (cochlearimplanthelp.com) the article there on electrodes & channels explains the differences in how each brand processes sound (the actual way they fire their electrodes to simulate sound) . There is a big difference in the way each brand process sounds, Medels electrodes can be fired simultaneously in pairs & are further divided into different electrical band width between the pairs to give up to 250 different audio frequencies or tones. AB has 16 electrodes that also fires in pairs split between different band widths to create phantom electrodes to generate 120 different frequencies, CAs has the most electrodes at 22 but fire in succession & don’t create any phantom electrodes. I’m no audio engineer but It’s a great article to read to get some insight as to how the brands differ from each other. Medels electrodes are softer & more flexible & reach further into the cochlea they claim that this feature is also great for preserving residual hearing. In the end I chose Medel mainly because of the sound processing differences & the fact that they have had no recalls. Also hearing how satisfied the recipients were with their devices. I’m not trying to push Medel but just giving some insight as to how I made my final decision.😁 also as you do your research you will hear many simulations of what it sounds like with a CI. I used to hear these & it scared me away from doing this for so long. Don’t be scared of these, they are terrible examples of what it really sounds like! I have never heard a simulation that sounds anything like my CI! I have only had mine turned on now for about 3 months & I can tell you mine sounds very very natural to my original hearing. I could understand speech from the minute it was turned on,. There is a slight mechanical sound to them but my family’s voices sounds like my family’s voices. when I watch TV the actors voices sound very much like they used to & most environmental sounds are spot on the way they where before. i would do as much research as you can, pick a good surgeon & talk to as many people on the forums or in person with all the different brands & then go with your gut instinct! Most Everyone with a CI is very open to let you know about their experiences both good & bad. You really can’t make a bad choice! They are all good products! I don’t know how old your son is but I can assure you & your husband that he will be able to live a very normal life with his CI which ever brand you choose! Hope I’m not being too long winded with my responses but I know what a big decision this can be & I’m trying to give you as much info on my own personal experience of this. Best of luck Melissa & if you have any more questions don’t hesitate to ask! Rick H
  5. Hi Melissa Your husband has a legitimate concern however when it comes to medical devices I would always go with the one that you feel is the best possible product that will give your son the best outcome. That is what is really important. That being said it really is difficult to say with any absolute answer as to who makes the best implant. Sometimes the company selling the most doesn’t necessarily mean your getting the best. I did a lot of research before making my final decision & the one thing I can tell you is that all the recipients from all 3 companies seem to be very happy with their choices & the reliability is very good with all of them. Medel is the only family owned of the 3 but it is also the one that has been around the longest & was the first to invent the modern multi channel CI & also the first to invent a CI that was MRI safe to 3.0 Tesla. I don’t know if Medel is the best for sure as that was my choice & I don’t know how the CI from CA performs compared to mine. There where a few people that were implanted with a CA in one side & a Medel in the other & those people said that the Medel sounded richer & music was much fuller. Those were the real deciding factors for me. I don’t know if your son is getting bilateral or just one but if bilateral that is also an option to go different brands in each side but most people usually stay with one brand for ease of use. What I can tell you is I am very happy with the customer service I have had so far & the sound quality of the Medel is very realistic to natural hearing & music comes across very good as well. Also just because a company is a publicly traded company is no guarantee that they can’t run into financial hard times as well. There really is no guarantees for companies longevity’s but I think both companies have been in business long enough & have enough market shares to where their futures are pretty certain. I really don’t think you can go wrong with Medel or CA, they are both good companies that produce a great product! One thing I can assure you & your husband is that which ever brand you choose your son is going to do fantastic with his new CI. These devices are amazingly hi tech & life changing. My sister-in-law is a special education teacher in Connecticut who has many children with CIs & she says it is amazing how well they do with them. Mine is still at the point where it still is being dialed in & adjusted every few weeks as is the case for the first 1 to 2 years with any brand. But I am thrilled with my CI so far & I’m doing great with it. I have no regrets at all about my choice & am looking forward to getting my other side done after this one is further dialed in. I wish I’d done it much sooner. Hope this helps you out & best of luck to you & your son! Rick H
  6. Rick H


    @Mary Beth good advice on that one Mary Beth, one week after activation my Cat used my Rondo as a cat toy at night! I woke up having to search it down only to find out didn’t charge up before she found it! I was deaf for half a day that day! Lol Rick H
  7. @MaryGP Hi Mary thats awesome that they are a 2 processor center! I don’t think you can go wrong with what ever you decide as far as 2 Sonnets or Rondo2/Sonnet2. The important thing is having a back up processor. I’m still waiting for my Sonnet2 so All I have right now is my Rondo2 but I have to say I’m loving it! The sound quality is great & I like that it charges overnight & lasts all day. It’s so small & discreet & at times I don’t even know I have it on. Also we wear safety glasses at work & it’s nice not having anything on my ear. All in all the Rondo2 is a great processor & though I don’t have any experience with the Sonnet2 yet it’s supposed to be even better! I was nervous before my surgery too, that’s pretty normal but don’t worry, you will do great! Not that I have had a ton of surgeries but I’ve had a few & this one was by far the easiest one with greatest benefit!! I’ve been activated for about one month now & I’m so impressed by how well the implant is working out. I expected everything to be so different but it’s not really. I could understand speech right away, & within 2 minutes could differentiate between my wife & audiologists voices & I was able to tell what songs were playing on the radio on the way home, though that was more difficult. I turned the closed captioning off on the TV right away & was surprised that I could watch TV the next day & hear perfectly what they were saying. I’ve had so many Wow moments in one month 😁!! The big one was actually being able join in the conversations at Thanksgiving with the relatives! My coworkers & family members say I’m like a different person! Yesterday me & my wife watched the movie Bohemian Rapsody & I was just amazed at how well the music was coming acrossed. It was about a 8 out of 10 as far as how it used to sound! I couldn’t help but think how much I love this Medel implant & how I should’ve done this years ago! I’ve only had 2 mappings & I still have a long way to go but what a journey so far! so its normal to be nervous, but get excited Mary because this is going to give you back your life!! It’s that life changing! I can’t wait to hear how well you do! I’m praying for you, so best of luck to you & keep us posted! Rick H
  8. @Tommy C yeah the phone works best on speaker. I have only done one actual phone call since activation & that was the day of activation! but for some reason FaceTime really comes across really loud & clear . I can hear my daughter from 5 feet away with out even looking at it. I don’t know if the speaker is louder on FaceTime than a normal phone call on speaker or not but the difference is night & day to me. Try FaceTiming someone you tell me what you think. The TV seemed like it was far away & not very clear compared to my wife talking to me at the same volume & distance she was loud & clear. But by day 2 I really noticed the TV clear as can be, being able to understand the news like it was normal. That really made me happy! I have noticed sometimes that it changes & some days it’s harder to understand, again I think this is just part of the learning & adjustment process. Still way better than before the implant. How are you with music? Have you tried that yet? @Mary Beth thanks for the advice on the artone I’ll have to check it out! Rick H
  9. @Mary Beth yes im hoping that the echo will go away as time goes on & with further mappings! It sounds like numerous people have experienced it so it think it’s just part of the process! thanks & I’ll keep you posted Rick H
  10. @Jewel thanks jewel Yes I've got the same electrode, flex 28, so far I am loving this ! I can’t wait to hear the Sonnet2 & try out the new audiolink even though I am loving my Rondo2 so far! The first few days was a little tough as the magnet wasn’t strong enough & it kept falling off, but Medel sent me a #4 magnet right away no problem since! Great service! Music is coming across great too ! I can recognize songs on the radio as they play & my guitar sounds great! Heck I might even learn to play it! Lol thanks for your comments Rick H
  11. @Tommy C that sounds great Tommy! Yes we are both pretty much alike on all counts. I too waited for a long time before doing this but once I made the decision I just went with it! I kept hearing all the simulations & they would scare me off of it. But after reading recipients saying that the simulations are so far off I just decided to take a leap of faith & I'm so glad I did! Glad to hear your doing so well also! Aren’t these things great!!! I’ll have to see if I can tweek the volume to eliminate the echoing. It only does it some of the time. Isn’t it great to be able to hear the TV again! I can hardly wait for the Sonnet2 to get here it should be even better & be able to stream as well! Best of luck to you & take care man & me posted on your progress! Rick H
  12. @Mary Beth did you ever hear an echo or reverberation of the deeper tones , almost like a second voice after someone talks as you where getting used to the new sounds? It’s still understandable but don’t know if it’s just me or the new mapping or just part of the process of learning to hear speech. Rick H
  13. @Mary Beth thanks , this really is life changing! Rick H
  14. This is my first updated post since being activated on October 29th, I’ve been so busy working I haven’t had a chance until now. A little info about myself my name is Rick Horton, I’m 57 years old & I live in Everett, Washington. I have profound noise induced hearing loss in both ears. My left side was implanted with a Synchrony & the right side I use a hi power HA. I was activated about a week & a half ago using a Rondo2 processor ( waiting for a Sonnet2 as well) . All I can say so far is WOW!! This is the most amazing experience! I was surprised that I was able to understand speech immediately, wasn’t expecting that! Aside from the initial robotic sound of voices I was also amazed at how realistic the voices are! Watching TV ( no more closed captioning) Tom Selleck sounds like Tom Selleck & Julia Roberts sound like Julia Roberts! Wasn’t expecting that either! I’ve already had so many wow moments! I can now talk on FaceTime with my daughter! Never been able to do that! & last Friday I went thru a 3 hour class at work that 6 weeks ago would have been impossible! With the instructor constantly turning his back to us to point out slideshow or talking behind his computer monitor where I couldn’t read his lips, I sat at the back of the class & caught every word he said! Amazing!! & soo many sounds that I haven’t heard in 15 years. The sound of my footsteps, running water, & falling rain. Also the sounds of my granddaughter breathing as she sleeps on my shoulder! That one is priceless! It’s not perfect & I still have a long way to go as far as improvements but I went into this expecting to be disappointed at first & I am completely amazed at how much better I communicate already. My confidence & self esteem are quickly returning & it’s as though my old self is awakening from a long sleep! So thankful for that! I had the first mappings a few days ago & everything is so loud now that it was almost like starting over again but it settled down the next few days fairly quickly. I figure that’s just part of the process! This journey is incredible! Looking so forward to all the coming wow moments!!😁 Rick H
  15. @dkritter sounds awesome DK glad to hear it went so well for you! I’m about 2 weeks out for activation! Starting to get excited! Hopefully your spins will go away quickly. I think your probably right its most likely over stimulation! Take care & keep us posted! Rick H
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