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  1. Hi Mary, Yes she still hearing in between the beeps so it sounds like its that. Thanks @Dave in Pittsburgh, yes we only use the batteries recommended by our local childrens' Hospital, but we have found in the past that sometimes they arrive at 80% power, so I will have to look into that. On another topic, my daughter also reports a low drumming sound all the time. Its very quite so she said it isn't noticeable when there is noise around as its drowned out. Have either of you experienced that before or heard of it?
  2. Thanks Mary, we only ever use Power One Implant Batteries, and we have changed the battery cover with no success as yet. We do use a Roger FM on that side, so I wasn't sure if that was the issue. Have you heard on that before? We have tried another FM but it hasn't helped. I will ask them to turn off the low battery beep alert and see if that helps the issue. Thanks Mary you response had a lot of great things to try, I will let you know how things go:)
  3. Hi, I have a daughter 8 who is bilaterally implanted since she was one. For the past year we have been intermittently having an issue where one side is beeping. It is a recurrent issue, starting earlier this year and then coming and going from there. When it starts it lasts for a week or 2 or sometimes up to 3-4, then will resolve and then start again months later. The beeping is with a rhythm and she can not hear over it. The only way to stop it is to take that side off. Our audiologist is stumped to what it is and has runs tests which suggest that there is no faults or errors. Med-el sent out a local representative who ran further tests but they 2 can not find fault. She did have a Roger Fm attached which we have had tested and there was no fault with that either. We even tried a new FM system to no avail. Has anyone experienced similar? or has any ideas? Chloe has been re-implanted on that side previously due to a failure, so we are worried that this could leave to another failure. Thanks for taking the time to read
  4. @Tutz67 My daughter has them and we use Perth Childrens Hospital for our audiology. We have had a very good outcome for her, few little minor issues but I think that all cochlear products are probably the same, they do their job (help you to hear) very very well. The support we receive from PCH is amazing. @JessDunn ( I forgot my password and locked myself out of my account.....oppps hahaha)
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