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  1. @Mary Beth The battery life on my phobe gets a flogging lol. But I'm not fused about it to be honest
  2. Thanks @Jewel With sonnet 1 my right side was over 12months and the left side was under 12months. And I had at least 3 different maps set for me
  3. Dont get me wrong the sonnet is great tye sound quality is great. But the sonnet 2 is the new game changer to listening and everyday living. Like its bloody amazing I tell ya. The new app that you can put on your phone makes life so much easier with just a click of a few buttons you have access to so much stuff eg. Changing programs, volume, sensitivity you can restart to factory settings from the first day of activation. The Audiokey is the icing on the cake this device is incredible small light wait essy to use and also with just a button touch away to shut of all background n
  4. @Jewel Thank you very much. Yea it was a very awesome day that was for me.
  5. @Mary Beth Thank you........ Yea iv used it to watch TV whuch works well. Iv only used it a hand full if time with my phone to answer calls. I still like the artone the one you put around your neck the sounds quality with calls is really well. Iv got another hearing appointment next week for them to show me how to use the roger pen as well. So I'm looking forward to see how that works? How do you go with phone calls??
  6. @Mary Beth At the start it was very hard and frustrating cause before the accident I was involved in my hearing was perfect then when i came to it from the coma I had nothing at all..... Then 3 weeks after I had a little hearing on my right side which was only about 15%. Then it only lasted about a week tyen woke up and gone. But since havin both sides done it's great cause sometimes you just want to hear nothing and some days I run with nothing it's great lol. And yes that's the remote I have and it was what I used at the table and worked absolutely awesome..
  7. My rondo 2 has lasted me nearly 2 full days when I drove up to Sydney I left the charger at home and turned if of when I went to sleep and woke up put it back on and lasted the rest of the following day.
  8. I haven't used my roger pen yet as it's only new iv just been getting use to the Audiokey. Once I get use to it I will let you guys know how it goes. So far with the sonnet 2 I find it more clearer then the sonnet. The rondo 2 is pretty much in the same way as the sonnet 2 just with nothing behind my ear. So I'm very happy with sonnet 2 also driving my car (my older classic car) which is very loud to drive due to the motor work I have had done I have got my audiologist to have a settings to switch to to shut the all background noise while driving and it works fantastic.
  9. @Mary Beth If it was me I would go with sonnet 2 but that's me. I do use my rondo 2 a fair bit, but I have problems with the magnet not sticking very well so I'm trying to work out with my surgeon and I think I might be goin into get plastic surgery to thin the skin around were the chip is
  10. @Mary Beth It's ok with all the questions. Like I said iv only had the sonnet 2 for 4 days and each days is getting beter and better. And yes I placed the Audiokey in the middle of the table with the microphone bit facing up and worked great. And also I did today was drive from Sydney to wollongong and used it and went well. Just not use to not hearing the sounds of my car lol. @Jewel All you have to do is talk to your audiologist and explain to them how they do it. If you like I can ask my audiologist and let you no? I go once a week to see my audiologist fo
  11. @KathyD I to have had the same thing. I went and seen my audiologist booked in for more tunnings. Let me tell you what I have learnt. I understand its frus8hard at times but with this technology it's very hard to get the same sound as what we use to have. But with the more tunnings with your audiologist and always keep them up to date when I mean upto date let them know asap with what sounds aren't right what is frustrating you so they can put it down on paper with a time of this happycause they can go plug you in and go back to see hwat it was. This is what I do with my audiologist.
  12. @Jewel Thank you. The quality between sonnet 2 and the rondo 2 to me they are 2 different sounds. With the rondo 2 it's very sensitive not really sure why bit that's just what I think. And yes the bar that I went to was very load and all i did was placed the Audiokey in the middle of the table facing up and it worked great only picking up what all my mates were talking about and only very small amounts of background noises. To me I'd rather this then having normal hearing to be honest. Cause if it gets to much we can just turn it of lol. If you want all the back ground
  13. @Mary Beth With the Audiokey app you can do all the same things as the remote you have. Plus more like the GPS tracker and also it has your own status on there that gives you the ability to check how long you have been active for on the app. Iv done a screen shot of what one of the pages look like as everything is like a drop down to change volume, sensitivity restores back to factory settings if your not halpy with the changes you have made. Once I get to use the app alittle more I'll keep you guys posted with it
  14. Yea not a problem at all. The Audiokey app works great easy to use even has GPS if you lose one of your processors it will pin point with in 5 meters of were it is. The sonnet 2 is amazing the sounds quality is great. I used the used the Audiokey yesterday when I went out for lunch with my mates at our local pub and wow it works unbelievably really great it pin points sounds and conversations really well. Also while driving it dose the same thing. And the app on my phone works great by using this app makes things alot easier through the day. And yes your battery on my phone
  15. Hi Lorna and Mary, I have both ears blugged in with med-el and I have both sonnet and sonnet 2 and the rondo 2 also. They all work absolutely great. Feel free to ask me any questions at all. I have only had sonnet 2 for two days now. Which i am the first one in Australia to have the sonnet 2. Sonnet 2 works bloody awesome best sound quality the app on my phone is very easy to use. Like I said feel free to ask any questions and I hope I can answer your questions well.
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