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  1. i have been using Rondo 2 since last year before i was using tempo/opus 1 since 2002, i m happy as how light and easy to hide in hair as i always keep my temp/opus 1 hidden in long hair. The only downside is if i play sport it might fall off, also i had to remove my rondo 2 before going on the roller coasters ride with my kids as i knew it might fall off by sudden movement of G-force as it has happened before with my tempo/opus but got it saved by behind the ear hook. The sound of rondo 2 is significantly better than old tempo/opus but i like the sound of sonnet 2 which i had it for a trial for few days but prefer Rondo 2 due to size n lightness. Also at first i didnt like the idea of charging everyday for 4 hrs but i got used to, in travelling i keep my old audi processor and power bank to recharge in long flights.
  2. Oh I thought the other way, anyway thanks for info...guess it's useless for me as I keep backup of old processor.
  3. Does the mini-battery pack charge the rondo 2? I will travelling so I will be carrying mini-battery pack this time and also how long it take to fully charge from battery pack? As for some reason I don't like to use wireless charging with power bank on the plane.
  4. i tried with my phone as well (google pixel 3) and with my office laptop as well, its same interference noise.
  5. Even i dont know what going on, i have tried MT & T both but no changes, whenever i switch to M its goes to normal and obviously its disconnected to Artone neckloop.
  6. mine is black with 4 round magnets, i guess the brown(triangle marking) one come is for specific CI as i was reading on the user manual, forgot the name of that implant.
  7. i have connect i got the Artone too with Rondo 2 and its easy to connect with laptop, if i dont want to use headphone however it got short battery life like around 2.5-3hrs. Sometime there's some weird disturbance noise whenever its connected but it get back to normal when i switch the MT to M.
  8. how long battery pack take to charge without wearing rondo 2?
  9. i have bought spare wireless charging but never been use as i was scared it might not charge the rondo 2 like the original aircharge charger, carrying small portable usb battery pack is can be useful in travelling but i took aircharger instead n charge in the plane with powerbank.
  10. sorry for going offtopic on my previous posts My rondo 2 i guess run more than 18+ hours but i have never tested that long before i remove it for charging overnight, one time rondo 2 battery dies on me wen i was on the flights i guess it was over 20 hrs.
  11. really good compare to my old processor tempo, i had sonnet 1 for few months which i didnt like then back to old tempo then i had sonnet 2 for few days for testing which was really good but i like to conceal my processor plus its great to swim with rondo 2 swimwear.
  12. i used to have tinnitus before CI it was sometime so loud even in deep sleep i wokeup by tinnitus noise. After surgery on my left ear tinnitus was gone, i only have one CI on left ear. Since i got Rondo 2 from last 3-4months i m beginning to have very quiet tinnitus mostly in sleep or quiet/silent room, but wenever i wear my rondo 2 it stopped. Used to wear old tempo processor since surgery n directly upgraded to Rondo 2.
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