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  1. The Jangus Music Wi AudioLink can be used as an IEM transmitter/receiver or a wireless instrument transmitter/receiver. It costs < $200 and includes the transmitter and receiver plus a bunch of cables. First off, I'm jumping the gun on this post because my initial reaction to this thing is great.+ Great sound as an IEM system. It's not the same as wired but it's the closest I've ever had. The key to this is the 16bit 48Khz transmission.+ Dropouts didn't kill my ears.+ Great sound as a guitar system. I tried it with an AxeFX Ultra (front input). Again, this is not the same as wired but it comes close. I compared it to the Line 6 XD70 (same as G50/90) and it has slightly less presence while retaining the high end. I improved this by changing the gain but still felt the Line 6 was better.+ Nice carrying case. I love this trend of shipping IEMs and other wireless gear with dedicated cases. This one isn't a Pelican but it has separate compartments for everything and provides quite a bit of protection.+ Relatively low price. At $200, you can could get at least 2 for the price of 1 low end non-digital system.+ Charging can be done via USB and the cable splits to two units. A power adapter is also supplied.+ These have to be the smallest units out there. They look like first gen USB sticks.+ Plenty of output for 16 ohm and 54 ohm headphones. I was worried about this b/c the Emu was lacking in this respect.+ didn't interfere with my bluetooth (the emu did for whatever reason)+ optional AA battery pack. I don't have this but would consider it for critical use. It's supposed to get 13 hours with the pack, 6 on the built in rechargeables.- Plastic. I'd pay more for a metal enclosure. These things are relatively small so I'd live with the extra weight. I wouldn't step on these or let them swing and hit the ground attached to my guitar strap (something that happens quite a bit with my metal transmitters... I'm on the lookout for the perfect metal box to put this in... maybe one of those fancy gum containers.- Non-locking Mini jack in/out. It has a solid fit and right angle cord but make sure the cable is secured link. The manual shows it under the belt loop.- Buttons are not recessed so they could be pressed by accident in a pocket or by pressing against something - another reason to find that fancy gum container...- Some signal degradation from wired. The units are so small and light that I believe they have compromised on the converters.- No noise suppression. This can be done on the receiver side in an instrument setup so it's not a big deal but you can enable this on the Line 6's- No removable battery. Either you wait to charge it or you use your backup that you purchased with the money saved :0)- Latency may be pushing it as an IEM but not as an instrument system.I have not tested for interference, distance (claimed 100 feet), or battery life (claimed 6 hours). I will be using it as an IEM system.
  2. I dont think so. I had not the greatest experience with that hospital.The ED was very busy. Doctors in ED is very good but need to wait. I brought in my mother as overseas patient and the problem is after discharge. I called them asking to get copy result then they will record as consultation and send you $280 invoice. What's that? There were several PRIVATE calls from doctor and they will charge you a $280/call. BE CAUTION!!! Do not ever call the hospital or receive any private number call. Everything is charged, it's not fair because I don't know there was charges. It is not my urgency anyway. I surely will keep quite and shut the phone immediately if I knew it.
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