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  1. I will look for that logo, Evren. I'm glad you are on my side. How are you doing with your implant? I find it a fascinating experience.
  2. I do not like the bulky Med El holder for the control panel. I put it in a small plastic envelope I bought at the Container Store. It’s much easier to store in my pocket book this way How do you carry your control panel?
  3. Hi, I was implanted with a Med EL Rondo 2 device on August 23rd and activated on September 16th. I'm an 86 year old grandmother who has had a binaural sensory neural hearing loss for more than 40 years. I decided on a CI implant when my hearing loss became so bad my coping abilities caused major auditory fatigue, which left me exhausted at the end of every day. I'm enjoying using the Rondo 2. It's easy to wear and charge. Although I'm brand new to this experience, I'm pleased I can already hear my own voice and some of the ambient sounds around me. I would like to see Med El reduce the packaging the device comes in. The boxes are heavy and much too large to carry easily. In this age of global warming, it would be good to redesign the interior of the boxes, eliminate a lot of unnecessary cardboard and, hopefully, shrink the size of the boxes. Let me know if you feel like I do about this.
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