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  1. Did you problem get solved? I'm in week 3 post activation and also face this problem of speech sounding as if reverberating.
  2. Such a beautiful story @Mary Beth I'm definitely going to listen to this at times when I'm losing hope from all that practice!
  3. For the first two days, everything sounded like Adam Levine for me. It will improve on day 3. Non familiar sounds will still take time. Familiar sound clarity will improve faster. In your second appointment, more points in the electrode will be activated for more natural sound. Keep practicing, don't loose hope. It will be a long journey!
  4. I had some blood accumulated in my inner ear which caused some itch upon drying. Do not attempt to itch. I found a cold press very comforting while recovering. Wrap some ice in a cloth and apply to the external ear or side of the face. Are you sleeping flat? In my case, if I slept on the non implanted side or at an elevation lower than 60 degrees, my inner ear would hurt/ swell or itch again.
  5. I'm getting my second implant in January. Super excited!
  6. Yes i have my forth appointment soon. I just realized that as more points were activated, the clarity in the sound reduced. I believe there is some interference happening, but I'm not able to explain it exactly. I was wondering if anybody faced similar problems during the initial days.
  7. I recently got activated with my first implant rondo 2. While the speech was definitely much thinner but clearer after my first mapping, it became quite natural in the second mapping. However, within few days the speech is becoming more and more distorted. It feels like the frequencies are overlapping with each other and I'm unable to make out speech without lipreading. Did anybody experience that? Any suggestions?
  8. I'll getting implanted in my left ear on November 11. In the meantime my hearing has dropped completely in my right ear. Would it be a better decision to also start process for implant in my second ear, or should I wait for few months/years to get my second ear implanted? Can somebody share their experience with second implants? Thank you for your suggestions
  9. According to him, it means the middle ear is non responsive. He diagnosed me with autoimmune sensorineural hearing loss. He is just concerned if the damage is even more. He is going to look at my wave charts and will inform me what it means. I read online and almost everybody reported feeling dizzy for a minute. So I just got more concerned.
  10. I'm going through preliminary steps to get my first implant in two weeks. My left side is dead and right side is profound loss. My resound hearing aids are keeping me sane till I get my CI. My vng numbers came great. But my doctor is concerned that I did not get dizzy from the test. The test did not induce any kind of imbalance in either of my ears and he is worried about that. Did anyone else face something similar?
  11. Thanks @Mary Beth for your suggestions. i am getting the water wear. I can only choose only one streaming device under my insurance. I will be getting audiolink. Its a shame no one streaming device is compatible with both rondo and sonnet
  12. Accessories for the following purposes: TV streaming Phone call streaming Meetings (Roger mic or Roger pen?) Swimming Remote control? I am using resound hearing aids at the moment and have several accessories to assist in my hearing. Wondering if I need assistive devices with medel CI?
  13. I will be getting two processors. I decided to get Sonnet 2 and Rondo2
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