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    Family of a hearing implant user
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    3-5 years
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    Cochlear Implant
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    Auditory Neuropathy
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    Pre lingual Hearing Loss
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    Sudden Hearing Loss
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  1. hi mam no this damage was previously by biting it lolllzzz. yes after we got replacement parts everything is working well my some i hearing and answering the world same as before . he is bit younger to talk sentences yet but he speak words and things by names .all i am worry about warranty system and how its works .
  2. i am worry about warranty policy too they may give us new parts only and reclaimed full new set of device on our name . and in future we need full loss and damage warranty and med-el may say we already have claimed it .i want to know full details of warranty so i have better understanding .
  3. they give me this part new only its ok as per warranty system ? rest is everything old its works like this ?
  4. we feel sad for its happen too . my point is i went local med-el they just replaced the processor and cleaned D-COIL replaced cable too(which i paid ) now we are using replacement processor with our old d-coil magnet battery pack . its fine? what will happen next ? we will received new set of device or just processor will be replaced by med-el . we will pay any price or it will be covered with warranty ?.
  5. hi dear forum members can someone please help me to know what is the processor warranty and how its work? for example i have my 4 years old son OPUS-2 and we washed it by mistake in washing machine. what will happen next now ? medel will change full device or just processor replacement and how much it cost ?. we will pay repair cost ? or replacement cost ? it was activated 22 months ago .
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