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    Hi @imran khan, 
    we've sent you a private message for more information
    Best regards, Verena
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    hi mam
    no this damage was previously by biting it lolllzzz. yes after we got replacement parts everything is working well my some i hearing and answering the world same as before . he is bit younger to talk sentences yet but he speak words and things by names .all i am worry about warranty system and how its works .
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    imran khan reacted to Mary Beth in warranty or damage OPUS-2   
    @imran khan
    Did all of that damage to the D-Coil happen in the washing machine?
    I do not know how warranty, damage, etc is handled by Med-El in your country. @MED-EL Moderator will be able to assist you.
    If all the parts are in working order and the control unit has your son’s programs loaded on it, it will work.
    Is your son able to tell you if things sound okay?
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    My son damaged d coil and the Pakistan representative demanded 400 dollars for replacement while the warranty period is still not expired and there is one time damage and loss policy of the company
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    imran khan reacted to Mary Beth in warranty or damage OPUS-2   
    @imran khan
    I am sorry to hear that your son’s processor went through the wash.  Have you tried putting it through the dry kit for several cycles to see if it still works?  Sometimes people get lucky.
    The warranty varies from country to country.  I will tag @MED-EL Moderator so they can assist you.
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    Hi Everyone, 

    Today we launched our new SONNET 2 audio processor. Designed to help you hear your best, wherever your day takes you. It seamlessly adjusts to your environment and minimizes distracting noise, so you can chat with confidence. And if you want to change settings yourself, you can do it in seconds with the new AudioKey app. 

    With SONNET 2 you can stream music and phone calls directly to your processor using AudioLink, our new universal connectivity device. AudioLink even works a remote microphone, ideal for clear listening in meetings or classrooms. Enjoying sound has never been so simple!
    Rain, sweat, and dust are all taken care of thanks to SONNET 2’s water-resistant design. If you want to go swimming, just pop on WaterWear to make it fully waterproof. And with hundreds of color combinations, flexible battery options, and a modular design, it’s easy to fit SONNET 2 to your everyday life. 

    You can find out more about SONNET 2 and how it fits to your lifestyle with this fun quiz: https://sonnet2.medel.com/. 

    Or take a closer look at all its features with our product experts over on the MED-EL blog: https://blog.medel.com/sonnet2-cochlear-implant-audio-processor/

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