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  1. Thanks for the information. I'm going to get a Synchrony 2. The first one (Synchrony) has been amazing. I was a bit reluctant to get it done as it will probably mean losing all my natural hearing and then having to adapt my house. Then I realized I don't hear things anyway (apart from my dog barking ). Only realized today I won't be able to hear the fire alarm if it went off at night
  2. Hope somebody can help with this. I've got one cochlear implant and one hearing aid. I'm actually going to get the second ear done too. However, I've just had a "duh" moment and realized that already I don't hear my fire alarm with my hearing aid out. What do other people do?
  3. That's a difficult one. I had my left ear implanted. Speech recognition was only 12%. With the implant, it's 93%. My right ear which has the hearing aid is only 32% That test was over a year ago and I feel it is worse than that now. So I have really nothing to lose by getting the right ear done. It sounds like you have fairly good speech recognition with your hearing aid.
  4. I'm in exactly the same situation. Get some benefit from a hearing aid in my unimplanted ear but not much benefit and can only hear traffic noise and my dogs barking a hearing aid. Am seeing the doc next month about getting this ear done. What decided me was the thought that if anything happened to my implanted ear, I would be unable to function. I can't hear with just my hearing aid in and no implant. I can't compare audiometry though, just practicalities. And surely hearing will be balanced with two implants.
  5. I'm an RN working in ICU and have to wear a N95 mask and face visor. Hearing clearly is difficult although I notice even normally hearing people have problems. Any ideas on how to improve understanding?
  6. Thank you. The ThinkLabs One looks to be quite good.
  7. Thank you very much for your help. I haven't got the FM batter pack cover so it looks like I will have to get one I only have the Roger Pen and audiolink and I can't say I impressed with those.
  8. Hope someone can help here.Is there anyone out there that uses a electronic stethoscope with their implant and if so how do they do it? There's one from Think Labs that looks quite good and my audiologist tells me that I have to hook it up to the roger Pen that I have. However, I can't say I'm very impressed with the sound quality of the Roger. Has anyone some alternative ways of hooking up to an electronic stethoscope?
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