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  1. Marlene


    @Mary Beththank you so much ☺️
  2. Marlene


    @Mary BethOk I’m a little confused now as people in Canada are getting the voucher
  3. Marlene


    @Mary Beth do you know anything about a voucher for the audiolink ?
  4. I was told I must charge the Artone for 3-4 hours or until light turned blue. I know it’s red at the beginning but mine goes blue within 10 minutes. At that time I tried to sync with iPhone but it wouldn’t. So I let it charge for three hours on the blue light and had no problem syncing them. Anyone else have this happen?
  5. Thank you so much Mary Beth i also have the artone3 but have just started using it as of my last visit with Audi , which was just this past week. I haven’t yet tried it on my iPad, but sure will be using it lots☺️
  6. Not sure how to find my way around here yet , hope I’m answering in the right place. I have the Sonnet and Rondo 2 , love both, but the rondo 2 gives my ear the well needed break as I wear eyeglasses .
  7. My name is Marlene Huxter . I am 74 years of age , I have been deaf in my left ear for about 25 years , I had a brain tumour and my hearing was unable to be saved. About 18 years ago I started wearing a hearing aid in my right ear, for a few years it worked ok but not great, it was changed numerous times. On the 5th of January 2017 I awoke to no sound. I must admit I was devastated. I was fitted with a very powerful hearing aid but it helped little. So I received a Synchrony implant this past July 16, my activation was on August 6th. So far I think I’m doing ok and my Audi is very pleased. Things are not always easy to hear and I do not understand music and song anymore, but it’s early days. I will take what I can get I have much to learn about everything but I am a very patient person and I look forward to meeting all of you with whatever help you can offer. Thank you for being here
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