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  1. @Mary Beth Which is better implant for Rondo 2 synchrony or other
  2. @Dave in Pittsburgh I mean like college studies,lectures etc.
  3. @Mary Beth I need to choose withinin 3 days from now I am so confused what to do if I buy both Rondo 2 and sonnet 2 outer processor can I use it with Rondo 2's internal processor
  4. @Dave in Pittsburgh Can omni in Rondo 2 help me to go for regular studies?
  5. @Dave in Pittsburgh No I am not getting both that's why its been very hard to choose one Dave can you suggest me which one is better for school like environment
  6. @Mary Beth Can we change the outer processor from Rondo 2 to Sonnet 2 whaenever we like?
  7. What is the exact price of Rond 2 in Nepal I searched many places but I couldn't find it
  8. @Mary Beth Thanks and can you suggest me which will be better for unilateral cochlear implant sonnnet 2 or rondo 2
  9. @Dave in Pittsburgh what will be better for school like environment
  10. What is rhe exact price of Rondo 2 now?
  11. @Mary Beth I am comparing Sonnet 2 and rondo 2 as I have bileteral profound hearing loss and due to less budget I am only doing unilateral cochlear implant so which will be better for me?
  12. I am very eager to get my new cochlear implant I will be very grateful to all who suggests me which is better between rondo 2 and sonnet
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