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  1. It's my experience as I go in public people always stare at my processor and ask me what is that and what is it used for? It's not a problem in home or market as we will be in informal dress and we can wear what we want:but I find it difficult in school ,in parties,etc. I think we look very odd in cap in a formal dress.
  2. Are your friends available in Hear Peers? If they use Hear Peers then can you introduce them to me??
  3. @Mary Beth It's working great for me.It's more stable than without it.My one and only processor is Rondo 2 and I don't know how does other processors sound but Rondo 2 is working great for me.
  4. @Mary Beth Ya small sounds sounded like very big.But I am getting Better it's my fifth day today.
  5. I want to know how did you guys fell after the activation? It's my third after activation.Conversations are difficult when there is background noise.I also watches youtube and background music is clear but the presenter's voice is very difficult to hear. If two people are talking together I can't hear anything.Small sounds are very annoying but it's getting better.Wind noise is also disturbing. How was your experience after the activation? Hoping for your Replies - Nischal Koirala😄😄
  6. Guys,When should we change our grip wear in Rondo 2.Any ideas?
  7. Hi guys I was just swithed on today.Sounds are very very wierd.I can't understand 70% sound.Small sounds are very disturbing and speech are also like robot voice.Very wierd.What was your experience then???Speech voices are very funny (I am implanted in one ear only)
  8. @Mary Beth I cannot afford that all things you mentioned. Artone 3 max neckloop comes with CI kit in other countries but India manages the sales of my country.So I also don't have Neckloop. What about my link and any other Neckloops?🙂
  9. @Mary Beth What kind of assistive techs can we use with Rondo 2?
  10. @Lori Martin My surgery was done before a week by now.It took some 2-2:30 hours. I'm Bilateral hearing loss but I've done only in one side. My implant was also Synchrony + Flex 28 . Nischal
  11. @Lori Martin My healing process is going good but sometimes I fill like ringing my ear but it's also being controlled slowly. I want to ask is which implant and and processor did you used and how do you hear? Nischal
  12. I want to know how good is the sound of Rondo 2.Can people with bilateral hearing loss go to school with Single cochlear Implant and Rondo 2 processors? #Eager
  13. Hi heer peers I had my surgery 6 days ago I'm lil nervous and exited for my activation. I got Synchrony+ Flex 28 How about that?
  14. @Joan How was your experience with Rondo 2 in very low pitch voice,very high pitch voice and in large groups? I'm very eager to know
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