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  1. Hi Lee, I have mild to moderate conductive hearing loss in both ears.
  2. Hi all, sorry for the late reply! Yes the swelling has gone down and it is working perfectly. The bonebridge really helps me in picking up sounds and I am very pleased with the results. Although since the operation I have developed continuous tinnitus on the left side (opposite to the implant site which is on the right) which has occurred for the last 3 months - which is quite annoying. The medical team have done investigations and there is no sound being directly emmitted by the implant, so they are unsure what has triggered the sounds that I am hearing. Perhaps it was triggered as a result of surgery but perhaps not - it could just be a coincidence that I have developed tinnitus post-op. Despite that I am enjoying the benefits that the bonebridge brings. Cam.
  3. Hi @Mary Beth! Thanks for letting me know - hopefully the swelling goes down! I’m going for my ‘switch on’ on 4th November, so hopefully it all works well. All the best.
  4. Hi everyone, I have just received a bonebridge implant and wondered if anybody on here could give some advice. The incision was made literally right behind the ear where the ear is connected to the head, and as result I have quite a lot of swelling and my right ear is sticking out. Has anybody else had similar issues with their implant? I'm wondering if perhaps the incision was made too close to the ear. Could anybody also advise on how long it took their swelling to go down? Thank you!
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