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  1. Thanks, Mary Beth. But it looks like these are kits that are meant for professionals to use with their clients. Or does it not matter? How did you improve? I just signed onto the News In Easy English in the hopes that it will help me. I also sent it to my son-in-law who is struggling with learning English as his second language. I noticed that this link is also applicable to ESL students! Cool, hey?!
  2. I just got started on the Hear at Home (by Geoff Plant) training program. So I got the first extract but how do I get the subsequent ones?
  3. Sort of. One of my pre-set appointments was bumped earlier by two days, with giving me only a couple of days' notice. I tried to rebook because we had just come back from holidays and my husband couldn't be away from work but would have had to wait four months for a replacement appointment. So I had no choice but to take the bumped up appointment and a friend came with me instead. Beyond that, I love this team.
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