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  1. Oh, you have no idea how comforting that is to know this! I read in different threads etc that implanting only one ear will not give directionality and now I know that the ability to hear in the other ear or not is what determines the ability to have a sense of directionality. I am SO relieved!!! Yes, I get implanted in January and activated in February. I am going to email the cochlear team on Monday to find out if the Sonnet 2 will be ready by then. I imagine that they will implant me with the synergy 2 regardless (hopefully!). I grabbed the first available date so we will see!
  2. Hi all! As I am scheduled to be implanted in a few months with left CI, will I loose directionality? I have worn HA most my life and can tell which direction sounds come from. I will still have my right side HA that I will still hear sounds from, although speech clarity is almost just as bad. Thanks!
  3. Thanks Sandy! I will have to check out the WOW Moments board. I just discovered the FB group
  4. Thanks! I have a question As a user of hearing aids most my life, I was able to hear reasonably well with them, even more so since digital came out years ago. However, in the past couple years my speech recognition declined rapidly to the point I could no longer function in my job or enjoy family or friend gatherings. Even with the Roger Pen. Hence, the CI. Our province only covers 1 implant and my biggest fear is that once I am implanted and activated, speech recognition will not improve to level it was a couple years ago. Concerns such as will I be able to enjoy the movie theatre again, will I ever be able to hear my daughter and converse with her while walking her to the bus, will I ever be able to work in the ER again. Or standing in line at the store and having no idea what people are actually saying. I read on this forum people talking about not comprehending speech well even after a year. But then I read stories of success and I am so encouraged! But other times, well, let’s just say I get really nervous and scared I will be worst off. What a journey! Am I expecting too much?
  5. Hello! My name is Wayne and I have been a candidate for 8 months and just received a surgery date for January! Nervous and hopeful at the same time. Is there anyone from Ontario Canada on here? I looked at Med-El’s website for Canada and do not see the Sonnet 2 listed. Hopefully that will be an option when I get Implanted! I am looking forward to better speech clarity again!
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