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  1. Hi Mary Beth, Thank you for your kind words. Where do you live? I’m about 25 miles north of NYC but originally from Amsterdam. My surgeon is confident it will subside. My audiologist is wonderful and we chose Cochlear America for my processor. Works well with my Resound HA. I have an iPhone and everything should be compatible I hope. My activation is Nov 12th. Surgery was the 15th and it’s been rough. I’m feeling better but not quite ready to head back to my role as a bank manager quite yet. Taking the full 3 weeks of approved disability. Haven’t driven yet. Still off balance
  2. Recuperating has been rough. Finally feeling better. Activation on 11/12. Back to work 11/4 but so tired. Off all meds. 62 and usually really healthy. When will I feel better and when will the metal taste subside ????
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