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  1. Hi! I am new to this forum and am excited to learn from everyone. Here is my story, as briefly as I can... Eighteen and a half years ago (2001), I woke up one morning to very poor hearing in my left ear. Within 6 weeks, I was profoundly deaf in that ear. With high-dose steroids, I preserved the hearing in my right ear - and then again in 2011 - and then...in 2018, the hearing in my right ear dropped significantly and I got a hearing aid. Then it dipped again last winter and we started talking about a cochlear implant. At first insurance (Anthem Blue Cross) denied it but with an appeal, they approved and I was implanted on September 6th and activated on the 17th. So far, so good, but as I read Mary Beth's posts, I realize that I could be working harder. It is hard to find the time and continue to feel motivated. I use Angel Sounds mostly, but have dabbled with the programs on the Advanced Bionics site. (My implant is a MedEl.) Any suggestions for auditory rehabilitation therapy are welcome!
  2. These are all great suggestions! Thanks for sharing! I got my Med El implant on Sept 6, activated on the 17th. I think I am doing well but I don’t come close to working as hard as you do! I even took two whole days off and just relied on my hearing aid in my better ear. You are motivating me to work harder! Thanks!
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