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  1. Well, here is my suggestion that may work for you, for what it is worth because I have not tried it. Try putting the skull cap or hair net on first, then get a sport headband for Rondo 2, to wear over the skull cap, ordered from the Med El web store . Then your Chef hat may fit over all that. I don’t know how much hair you have and that may effect how well this will work. Now this is what I have tried, I have a Med El sport head band for The Rondo 2. I placed the Rondo 2 in the headband and then placed a sock cap over that. I can not tell any difference in the sound quality compared to weari
  2. The Dry Space UV came with my Sonnet 2. I have only had it for one week. Question, how often do you use your dryer?
  3. Your Doctor will probably cover this during your meeting. He or She will get approval from your insurance before he or she moves forward. At least that is what my Doctor did. I have medicare as primary insurance and a supplement ins. as secondary ins. I don't know anything about medicaid.
  4. @Mary Beth thank you for the info. The Audiologists and I have discussed magnet strength before. She said that we should try to get by with as weak of magnet as possible. I get by fine because I am just setting around watching TV most of the time and keep a tether attached to my collar at all times. I take the processor off if I am active, like working in the yard. I do not want to take the processor off while fishing so we are going to discuss this again if and when I get to keep my next appointment. I like the idea of water ware and ear gear with a hat worn over that. Never know if it may s
  5. @Mary Beth which magnet strength do you have when you have water ware and ear gear on your Rondo?
  6. @Mary Beth I assume 1 is the weakest magnet and 4 in the strongest. That is probably the reason my Rondo2 falls off so easy at times. I bought one of those ear gear pouches that you referred to in another thread. I thought it was just what I needed to protect my processor from sweat or falling in the lake when fishing. My magnet was not strong for it to stick to my head. Maybe I can get a stronger one to use when I go fishing.
  7. Mine came with a brown magnet with one triangle. I assume that is a number one ?
  8. Music does not sound good to me either. Voices sound fine but instruments not so good. The number of instruments effects the sound quality that I hear. My Church has an orchestra and it sounds like static to me but if only a few instruments are playing it doesn't sound so bad. I have never been a big fan of music therefore I have not put in much practice time. That probably is a lot of the reason it sounds so bad to me.
  9. Thank you @Mary Beth for posting this article. This research addresses the problem that carries over from what I viewed as the biggest in programming hearing aids. After the audiologist have made their best guess and the quality is not good, it is very difficult for a patient to explain what they are hearing in a way that the audiologist can understand the description and make correct adjustments. I am experiencing some of this with ci mapping as well. Overall my progress has been exceptionality good but television continues to be a struggle for me. The phone was very good on an early mapping
  10. Yes, i would definitely wear the ear muffs. My ear muffs have some amplification for voices but cut out the gun noise. This is what i used without hearing aids before i was implanted but i don't know if it would work with just my natural hearing in my right ear. The only sure solution would be to always have someone with me to make sure that i dont unintentionally disobey a range command.
  11. @Neal I have not been to the range since since I was implanted in August 2019. The thing that i am concerned about is, I feel that the noise would be uncomfortably loud through the processor on my left side. I would take off the processor wear ear muffs to protect my right ear that I hear very little. In doing that I am concerned that I may not hear the range commands with my right ear. Now that we are dealing COVID 19, I guess I will have plenty of time figure something out before I will be able to go. I too will be interested in what your doctor has to say about the subject.
  12. @Richard GI am assuming your last question was directed to me, if not please excuse me for answering. Before I was implanted I was ask to make a decision as to which processors that I wanted. I was implanted only on my left side but I was to get two processors. It was suggested to me from another MED EL user that I choose one Rondo2 and one Sonnet. Sonnet 2 was scheduled to be released in the U.S. in two to three months and there was an exchange program to swap out the Sonnet for Sonnet 2 when it was released, providing the package was not opened. I did not know which processor was better or w
  13. @Richard G My audiologist gave me the same reason that @Tracey_66 mentioned above plus the stronger magnet can cause skin irritation if it is too tight. I dont have much hair so I keep it cut very close. When it grows out a little there is a weaker attachment. I suppose a person with longer hair would require a stronger magnet. The spot where the magnet sets on my head is completely bald, no hair grows there. With all this being said, I still like the Rondo 2. I will get my sonnet 2 July 1, if the Corona virus allows me to keep that appointment. The Sonnet 2 will have to be absolutely amazing
  14. @Richard G I too sometimes have a problem with my Rondo 2 falling off. The magnet alignment technique that @Mary Beth posted above did help some but i still have the problem from time to time. It seems to be weaker of the mornings when I first put it on. As time goes by it has a stronger attachment later in the day. I know that does not make sense but that is what is happening. My audiologist thought that the magnet was too strong and put a weaker one in and that is when I started having the problem.
  15. @Mary Beth i do not fit the age that you Ask for exactly, but close. I was implanted late August 2019 at age 79. As of May 2020 I am 80. I would be happy to answer any questions about my experiences and decision making process if it would be of benefit your friend.
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