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  1. I did not have itchy ear, but I was instructed by my Doctor to avoid anything that would cause pressure on the inter ear. I was told not to blow my nose for like two weeks and if I had to sneeze, do so with a open mouth. I was told that pressure possibly could move the electrodes. With this in mind I would not try to scratch the ear. If it continues I would contact the Doctor. I am glad that you are doing well and hope the itchy ear problem go away shortly.
  2. I am very thankful to Med-El for engineering quality devices and the high level of support that was very important in my decision making process. I am equally thankful for the Doctor that performed the surgery. The Med-El product, support, and the surgeon's knowledge and skills have resulted in success at a level that I never hoped for or expected.
  3. Rick H. How are you doing on the phone? The phone and TV were the only rough spots that had. I found that I understood phone conversation best by holding the phone just above the Rondo 2 and using it like a normal person would hold the phone to their ear. I tried to use the speaker phone early on but had trouble understanding. I think that I need to try the speaker again, I believe that I could understand it now. It would be much more comfortable using the speaker, my arm gets tired trying to keep from knocking the Rondo off my head. LOL I have done that a couple of times.
  4. Yes, I did hear a faint echo. I found that I could reduce the echo by lowering the volume just a notch or two on the Rondo 2 until I adapted to the new mapping.
  5. Congratulations Rick, I was activated on September 11, 2019. Your story sounds almost identical to mine. I had prepared myself for three to six months of very little understanding of speech, but I was understanding the audiologists before the activation session was over. I have had two new mapping sessions since activation and it just gets better each time. I did have trouble with the TV but that is all ok now. I too have the Rondo 2 and awaiting the new Sonnet 2. My implant is on my left side also with my old hearing aid on the right side. The Implant sounds so good that some days I never put the hearing aid on. I can tell that you are excited and I understand that because I am too. It is truly amazing, I feel so blessed and to think that I almost backed out of having it done. Please keep posting, I love hearing these success stories. Oh, by the way, I am a 79 year old male.
  6. I also ware a cap when the occasion allows it. That keeps me from accidently knocking the Rondo 2 off.
  7. Thank you Mary Beth. Yes, I am off to a flying start. I feel blessed beyond anything I could have hoped for. I am using the clip that attaches to my shirt collar.
  8. Hi, I am Tommy C. I am a little late joining the forum so will give a summary of implant and progress since activation. I had the implant surgery on August 29, 2019 and was activated on September 11, 2019 with a Rondo2. My hearing before the implant was only about 10 or 12 percent, I could not hear anything without hearing aids and could not understand much with them. At the activation, as soon as the audiologists turned it on I could hear her talking but could not understand the words. She continued to make adjustments and I started to understand what she was saying. By the time the session was over she sounded funny, but I could understand her. My next appointment was 2.5 weeks later. By the end of the first week I could carry on conversation with my family with ease. By the end of the second week everyone’s voices sound normal, the electronic sound was gone. I listened to audio books with no problem. I was communicating with everyone by using the implant only, no hearing aid in the other ear. I can hear Church services without the use of my old FM receiver. The music at first sound like static but by the end of the second week sound normal. I just returned to the audiologists for my third set of adjustments. The only problem that I am having is TV sounds like people have laryngitis, but it is gradually getting better.
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