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  1. Lol, I knew what you meant! Thanks!
  2. Thank you, we have been so careful. But so grateful it wasn’t the processor! And thankfully he is in a program he is comfortable with. Someone else also suggested the same but we do not have a dry kit, probably because the Rondo is sealed up nicely they don’t need one. Considering ordering one to give it a try.
  3. This might be a long shot but we are in need of a new fine tuner after my husband’s was left in his jeans and went through the washer, and dryer. Short of ordering brand new, I wasn’t sure if anyone is familiar with an accessory swap option among other patients and perhaps someone has one they no longer use due to an upgrade. We are hoping it will miraculously start working again after it sits a few days, if not, exploring all options and not wanting to use the one time replacement option. Thanks!
  4. Thank you both for all the info. The squishy feeling has subsided quite a bit. Today the nausea and vomiting hit him out of nowhere, which was an unpleasant surprise since he had been feeling pretty good. He hoped to return to work tomorrow but I’m thinking he may feel otherwise and I am fine with that. No need to rush this recovery. He was wearing an anti nausea patch until yesterday, so I’m assuming things are crashing down now that all the meds are out of his system. Took a couple Bonine/Meclazine and I did follow up with his surgeon as well to be safe.
  5. Hello! My husband was implanted with the Synchrony on 11/7 and is set to be activated on 11/21 with the Rondo 2. He has Single Sided Deafness (sudden onset), sensioneural hearing loss. 42yrs old. Thank you to all who share on this forum. It has been so helpful to prepare for surgery and everything to come/expect/anticipate later. This weekend alone, I referenced the forum several times a day! If we had a question, someone had an answer! Recovery has been decent and what to expect thus far. Pain is manageable and he is opting not to take anything. Slight balance issue when initially standing. He is however very bothered by the swelling and the “squishy” feeling he has on his head, not so much the incision site. Then there is the taste issues. Hopefully this will all subside in time. If anyone has any suggestions on the swelling we would love to hear about it. He tries to stay upright during the day and has been very low key. Many thanks again to you all!
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