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  1. >>>> The AudioLink allows us to alter the mix ratio. Have you tried that feature yet? Ahhhh. Bingo! Excellent. Thanks for pointing that out. I missed it entirely. Any recommendations on vowel focused rehab materials or apps? My CI is for single sided deafness. The other ear works fine. Thanks
  2. Mary Beth, When you use the Artone neckloop, are you able to the sound processor's exterior microphone off? I have been trying to listen to podcasts in the car for ear rehab, but with the AudioLink, the sound processor is also picking up all the random road and car noise. It would be nice to figure out how have only the podcast or other audio source going thru the sound processor to the CI. Thanks Steve
  3. I have ended up connecting the iPhone to the AudioLink with the 3.5mm/2.5mm "headphone' cable, the letting the AudioLink send the signal to the Sonnet. Works fine, but seems a bit like 2005... I'm getting the impression that CI manufactures don't do software or user interfaces that well. Steve
  4. I had implant surgery about 2 weeks ago and started using one of the Sonnet sound processors a few days ago. I set up the Audiolink device to connect using bluetooth to my phone. The phone does send the sound thru the audiolink to the Sonnet, but it also doesn't register on the iPhone like a headphone would, and so the iPhone continues to play the sound thru the speakers on the phone as well as thru bluetooth to the device. Any solutions to this? I tried downloading the AudioKey app from Apple and it says it isn't available in the US. Thanks Steve
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