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  1. Attached is my Hearing test. If you have High and Low frequency hearing loss as in the diagram please suggest what type you are using.
  2. One more question: Is there any issue of CI with MRI or CT scans?
  3. Hello, I have Sensorineural severe High Frequency hearing loss and Tinnitus in both ears, I am worried my Tinnitus gets worse due to the implant.
  4. I am 67 years I had Tinnitus from aloud sound at age 18 and gradually lost my hearing( sensorineural hearing loss) hearing diagram shows sharp drop in high frequency at 1000 Hz down to 70-90-100 . I can communicate with someone if no background noise but when I am with friends in crowded place or with any background noise I am completely deaf and can't understand a word they say.
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