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  1. Thanks so very much Mary Beth...I left for my walk frustrated and then could not determine how many boxes had bicycles, or buses, or crosswalks so that I could respond to you...😆 I have tried repairing...no luck. I will have to reach out to my rep. I really appreciate your time. Hope you are well.❤️
  2. Hello! I hope this finds everyone well. I am so so frustrated. I use my iphone to listen to music when I walk. I have used it for months. For the past 2 days, I am unable to get the music to play through my implants. When I open the app on my phone, it says the audiolink is connected and the battery is 100%...underneath that, it says the audio processor failed to read...I have followed all of the instructions, but cannot figure out what I am doing wrong. I have sonnet 2s...using the connection chord. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time! Kerrie
  3. Thank you again Mary Beth...still struggling with it all. I am not understanding how the Roger mylink is connected to all of it. I went ahead and purchased the app & followed the instructions, but I am still unable to hear music. I am hoping things will lighten up here soon and I will be able to meet with my rep...I have an appointment with my audiologist next week. I am hoping she can help me with it also. Stay well! ❤️
  4. so, I try to play music...roger select is checked when I play it, outside sounds are muted, but I am not hearing music...need to shut it down for the night...I have been working on this on and off all day with no success. Hoping to maybe have a zoom meeting with my rep to see what I am doing wrong...thanks again!
  5. Thank you for this information...I am still pretty confused by it. When I read the instructions for the roger select, it does not mention the mylink...that is where my confusion lies. So, I think I have the receiver connected to the select...I will keep playing with it to figure it out. At this point, thinking about a good quality pair of headphones. It is all so confusing to me... Thanks very much for the information Mary Beth...I am having continued success listening to music and with my word recognition. My biggest struggle is group conversations, but I will keep working on that. Take very good care! ❤️
  6. He he...I am so confused by your question! I have the round Roger Select. I have the user guide in front of me, but it does not answer your question. I have the mylink 1.1 receiver, but I am trying to sync with the round select. Thank you!
  7. Hello...I hope this finds everyone as well as can be expected under the circumstances...about to take both sonnet 2s off due to my husband and daughter debating socialism right now... :))) I cannot get my roger select to syn with my sonnet 2s...I have followed the directions and when I try to sync, I get the red light...I have synced with my phone, and once, everything went silent, but when I try to play music from my phone, or try a phone call, I get nothing...does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks very much for your time...I have tried listening to music with the audio link, but the music cuts out a lot and I have a lot of very loud static when I try to listen and walk. I am unable to meet with my rep or audiologist due to all that is happening right now. Take very good care...
  8. Thank you again! I still need to replace my rondo 2 that I lost a month ago, so yes, I am using sonnet 2s...I use the drier every night. I will keep disconnecting the rechargeable battery connector...I actually have trouble with the rechargeable batteries shorting or coming loose/not staying connected, but it is not too bad. He he...guess I should learn what the mic cover is. Worked today with my husband...words ending in "n" definitely sound like "d." Working on that. In a much better place...I think the stress of what to do with my business has replaced this stress...thanks for putting it all in perspective for me Mary Beth... Stay well! Much gratitude, Kerrie
  9. Thanks so very much for these great suggestions...I feel like something has changed over the past 2 weeks with my hearing...cannot pinpoint it...last appt with research dr he said my hearing seemed to have gotten worse & he questioned my mapping...with all that is going on, I think I just panicked a bit...thanks for the suggestions and for the reminders...I will keep at it and listen to music at my own pace... So so grateful for your time...take very good care! ❤️
  10. Hello Mary Beth...thanks, again for your time and response. I am using my laptop most of the time...I am usually 80% and higher when I look at the words and replay them...a lot...I try not to look at the words, but cannot repeat them back most of the time. Struggling most with the ones where you type the word in after it was said...the music lessons make me crazy...I cannot tell any difference at all for the scale exercises...I continue to listen to familiar music...so far, James Taylor's voice sounds exactly as I remember it...still struggling with the music and most other voices... May I ask, with live voices, what are the best activities? I used the picture sheets with words that you sent and that was fairly simple...got to the point where I was getting them all correct...I am doing well with one on one conversations for the most part... Thank you again...<3
  11. Hello Everyone...I hope you are staying well. I am looking for rehab resources other than Angel Sounds...I am 2 months post activation and am really struggling with the voices on Angel Sounds...my hearing husband does better than I do, but he struggles with it too...for some reason, my hearing seems more distorted these past 2 weeks (last mapping 3 weeks ago)...everything is so loud again...things that I thought I had assimilated to. With owning my own business and all that is going on, I have dropped the ball a bit and am looking to get back to regular rehab. I am part of a study group that uses Angel Sounds to test progress, but I really struggle. When I go to the audiologist, she uses a different program to test word recognition and I do much better with that...I am listening to TED talks, tracking books, etc. Music is still pretty bad...I know I need to be patient and that it is going to continue to take time...I am grateful for any suggestions...take very good care! ❤️
  12. Thank you Anita and Mary Beth...I will reach out to my rep this week and I will look in to the labels...love this group...progress has been great overall...struggling with the sound of traffic and background noises in restaurants, but word recognition has improved immensely...forcing myself to listen to music as much as possible...oh so grateful for your time and input...have a beautiful Tuesday... ❤️
  13. Thank you both...I will need to look through my boxes...I did not see anything...left my number everywhere I was yesterday, but no one has called...I got Sonnet 2s too, so I will be making due with those for a while...I like the sonnets, just like options too...
  14. Well, it did not take long...just 4 weeks activated (bilateral) and one of my Rondo 2s fell off yesterday. Retraced my steps twice with no luck...in the event that I am able to replace it, what are your best suggestions for keeping from losing them? Was trying to think of a way to label them with contact info, since if someone just finds it, they would have no idea what it is (where with a hearing aid, they may be more apt to turn it in, knowing what it is)...so bummed!
  15. Thanks so much...I will try to take a look at it again tonight and if I cannot figure it out, I will reach out to you...<3
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