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  1. Great information, and very helpful. I also read the Audiolink manual. The max range is 9 feet, so it seems the FM would be a better choice for many sports. I guess alsoI did not know the max range was 9 feet. I assume that is why the Audiolink is not suitable for school use. What do you think, Mary Beth?
  2. I am going to ask Ear Gear if they'd make a custom pair for me with a shorter sleeve so the battery vents aren't covered.
  3. He does BUT I don't think that will work; he has some unique anatomy and the Ear Gear is the way we have been able to keep his hearing aids on so well (his pinna are very soft). Do you think the Ear Gear would be a problem since it covers the vents?
  4. I wish this would work, but my son has attached lobes (and a truly unique structure) that makes this kind of retention device impossible. We would need an earmold adaptor with very short tube (since regular hook was long for him) and the Ear Gear or at least something that can cinch in the middle at the back of his head and clip to shirt (imagine a Y shape coming from back of processors).
  5. I agree this is a big design flaw; in school settings the Sonnet 2 won't last the whole school day (not more than 6 hours) while using the Roger FM system. Forget it if a student has after school activities; s/he may need to change batteries 2 or 3x if using rechargeable.
  6. Hello, Does anyone have experience with using Ear Gear (retention device that has sleeves for the processors and a clip for clothing) with Sonnet or Sonnet 2? I read the Sonnet 2 manual, and it mentions "don't block the air vents on the battery covers because it may shorten battery life." I would need the Ear Gear to keep my son's processors secure, but am wondering how much that would shorten his battery life when he uses the Roger.
  7. I am thinking my son may like to plug his videogame in, or his Kindle tablet or stuff when you are on a plane. I asked about the USB because it seems more things are losing the cable jack.
  8. Hi, Can anyone tell me the range of Audiolink, when using as a remote mic? If my son got Sonnet 2s, and used the Audiolink for sports, etc. how close would be have to be to the person wearing the Audiolink to hear? Also, I know the Audiolink has an audioport for cable, but can I also plug in a device that has a USB type thing at the end rather than an old school round "headphone" type thing? I don't know the proper terminology, so don't let me know if you are laughing at me! Melissa
  9. Do you use 2 cable on each side for the Rondo, or do you just stream to one side?
  10. Why isnt it supposed to be used on planes? I didnt know that about the Roger Pen
  11. Yes, BT LE is what a competitor is using! But maybe Med El cant do that with it's current battery issues?
  12. Right. I think Med El must have an engineering problem with power consumption. No bluetooth streaming because it takes a lot of power. That is also why Sonnet 2's battery life is so much shorter than other companies.
  13. Actually, I checked my notes from the rep meeting and the literature I got on Sonnet 2 and it DOES NOT indicate it has bluetooth. Where did your information come from?
  14. Cochlear has a 5 year warranty (talked to rep) and so does Med El for new patients according to customer service person.
  15. Help! I am confused. I know the new Sonnet 2 as released in the US runs the 2.0 version of Automatic Sound Management, NOT the 3.0 version. On the website "compare processors" section, it lists only ASM 3.0 as having Adaptive Intelligence (change settings based on environment), Transient Noise Reduction, and Ambient Noise Reduction. Am I correct? If so, the Sonnet 2 in US seems not much advanced over the Sonnet, and less advanced than the version available elsewhere. Melissa
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