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  1. I am thinking my son may like to plug his videogame in, or his Kindle tablet or stuff when you are on a plane. I asked about the USB because it seems more things are losing the cable jack.
  2. Hi, Can anyone tell me the range of Audiolink, when using as a remote mic? If my son got Sonnet 2s, and used the Audiolink for sports, etc. how close would be have to be to the person wearing the Audiolink to hear? Also, I know the Audiolink has an audioport for cable, but can I also plug in a device that has a USB type thing at the end rather than an old school round "headphone" type thing? I don't know the proper terminology, so don't let me know if you are laughing at me! Melissa
  3. Do you use 2 cable on each side for the Rondo, or do you just stream to one side?
  4. Why isnt it supposed to be used on planes? I didnt know that about the Roger Pen
  5. Yes, BT LE is what a competitor is using! But maybe Med El cant do that with it's current battery issues?
  6. Right. I think Med El must have an engineering problem with power consumption. No bluetooth streaming because it takes a lot of power. That is also why Sonnet 2's battery life is so much shorter than other companies.
  7. Actually, I checked my notes from the rep meeting and the literature I got on Sonnet 2 and it DOES NOT indicate it has bluetooth. Where did your information come from?
  8. Cochlear has a 5 year warranty (talked to rep) and so does Med El for new patients according to customer service person.
  9. Help! I am confused. I know the new Sonnet 2 as released in the US runs the 2.0 version of Automatic Sound Management, NOT the 3.0 version. On the website "compare processors" section, it lists only ASM 3.0 as having Adaptive Intelligence (change settings based on environment), Transient Noise Reduction, and Ambient Noise Reduction. Am I correct? If so, the Sonnet 2 in US seems not much advanced over the Sonnet, and less advanced than the version available elsewhere. Melissa
  10. Our local rep met with us on Monday night to show us everything (her name is Virgi and she is wonderful! Bilateral implants at age 42, after years of hearing aids.) She told us she just upgraded to the Sonnet 2 and remarked how much better music sounded to her (and it was good to begin with). She also had the Rondo 2, which she loved but did note you have to get used to the hair rubbing against it.
  11. This has been a huge consideration for us as we decide between Cochlear and Med El for our son. The world is becoming more and more wireless, and Med El is, for some reason, really behind in this area. Most teens are not going to want neckloops or other obvious and unwieldy accessories to talk on the phone, or stream music, etc. Even with Audiolink, most people won't want to carry that and a phone. I suspect Med El may have a tech problem figuring out how to use bluetooth without running out the battery almost immediately, or else why haven't they done this? I have read lots of comments from Med El users on facebook groups that they are really frustrated and disappointed that Med El isn't advancing in this area. It does worry me.
  12. How do you know Cochlear is the worse brand for music?
  13. Thanks for your insights. I did read the bimodal paper, and shared it with the audiologist, who agreed. Music is very important to my son, too, and I have heard many people.say they enjoy the sound with Med El.
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