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  1. I bought an Artone neck loop. Maybe it is defective. While it is charging, it flashes red for awhile, and blue and red. Also, when it is charged, should I unplug it, or can I leave it plugged in until I use it. I am doing audiobooks and CDs for training. How would I use the Artone neck loop in this situation? Thanks for any help. Addey
  2. Yesterday, I reached up and my R2 was missing. It ended up in my collar. whew. So, I thought a Hear Clip and "chain" would be more secure. It must have fallen off when I put my vest on. A little scary. I would like to hear from Rondo 2 users who have developed original lines and clips. Thank you.
  3. Activated in December, and using Rondo 2. I would like a more secure line and Clip, and someone suggested the Hear Clip. On the website, it does not say it works with R2 specifically, but it does work with Rondo. Is anyone familiar with the Hear Clip? Does it work? etc. Addey
  4. I am a new recipient of Med el.( activation 12/4/2019) I need to spend an extended period near Denver,CO. Has any one used an audiologist for mapping in that area?
  5. I am waiting for Sonnet 2 also, since I am a new implantee. I don't think I can go to yoga with the Rondo 2 and Select. It just is not good enough for me to hear the teacher's voice. It will be more clear with Sonnet 2. Does anyone know what is causing the delay in bringing the S2 into the USA?
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