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  1. Dear Adam, thank you very much for providing us with that easily understandable explanation.
  2. Hello Bonebridge users, I am new to this forum and I would like to present myself: Since my childhood I am suffering from moderate combined conductive and sensineural hearing loss on both ears, with my right ear being the weaker one. So I have been wearing conventional hearing aids since early 1990's. Additionally I have had a couple of middle ear surgeries on both sides (the latest one in 1998). As the quality of my hearing when using the hearing aids is no longer sufficient for me, I have had medical and audiometric examinations with the statement, that a Bonebridge would provide a good chance for improvement of the hearing at my right ear. Therefore I have had a Bonebridge surgery on my right ear on 9th of January this year. In the meantime, I am at home again and wait for the good healing of the operated body site and the first activation of the audio processor scheduled for the end of this month. The pains are currently light to moderate and I can spend more and more time without taking analgesic tablets. Now I have got a question to you who have received a Bonebridge: How many days after the surgery did a health professional remove the OP sutures from the site behind the ear? Many thanks in advance for your help! Best regards, Norbs75
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