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  1. Can you experiment with both the remote and AudioKey at the same time to decide which of the two you like best or do you have to commit to one or the other when audiologists sets Sonnet 2 up for first time? Thanks!
  2. Indianapolis. Curious about your background as you are so knowledgeable about the technical aspects of the processors and accessories.
  3. Thanks Mary Beth! Very helpful perspective. My audio’s office reopens tomorrow. My appointment is Thurs.
  4. US. Understand I will receive ASM 2 to start. Particularly interested in challenges and suggestions regarding adapting to Sonnet 2 from Opus 2 and Sonnet 2 settings I should discuss with my audio at the upgrade appointment. Thanks!
  5. Interested in hearing about your experience of upgrading from Opus 2 to Sonnet 2.
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