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  1. Hi: I have pretty good hearing in my left ear but very poor in my right (not deaf tho.) I also have eustachian tube dysfunction. I play classical guitar and spring allergies wreck havoc with my eustachian tubes and often cause fluid build up which distorts the sound of my guitar. But to the point: my bad, right ear has MUCH better hearing with bone conduction than otherwise. My new ear specialist suggests that aids like the AD Hear may be very good for me. My thinking is that I would only need the one,. I'm early in the process, but I like the idea of using the non surgical option. However, I get mixed messages about this, with all roads pointing to implants and implants only as the only option. SO: --Is it possible to get the non surgical one side version and does the non implant work as well as the implant version? --I'm with Kaiser in the S.F, California bay area. Where in the world do you find these? thanks!
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