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  1. I can't tell you how much I appreciate all of your help, @Mary Beth! We're way down here in Arkansas, but I really appreciate the offer to let him try it out! I am so thankful for all the information you provided.
  2. @Mary Beth and @Jdashiell, I have really gone down the rabbit hole and found myself even MORE confused. It seems like the Artone MAX 3 and the added TVB transmitter and wireless mic would accomplish the same things as the RogerPen and AudioLink, right?? I am leaning away from the AudioLink because of its limited range. Can one of you help me weigh the RogerPen vs. Artone pros/cons? This is for a 9-year old, bilateral user. I'd like him to be able to watch TV (without having to wear headphones/disrupting the audio for the rest of the room ex: at a friend's house), steam music from a phone (which I imagine is easily accomplished from both), I'd also like to be able to easily speak to him and get his attention in crowded settings, and have his tennis coach be able to give directions from across the court during group lessons. I really appreciate any insight you all have. In my research, I also got the impression that with the Artone you can control if the sound is coming from just the processor, just the Artone mic/TVB, or a combo. Is this also the case with the Roger or no? Thank you!
  3. @Mary Beth your response was so helpful!! I am shopping for my 9 year old stepson. He uses the RogerPen at school, and has the AudioLink at his Mom's house. We have been able to play around with the AudioLink some, but not the RogerPen. I foresee the two biggest uses of whatever device we choose being 1. for coaches/teachers/etc to provide instruction from afar and 2. watching tv with family. Do you have any other suggestions or a recommendation on which you think would be the best option for him? Is there another product you would recommend over these two options?
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