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    CArgo reacted to Mary Beth in Rogerpen vs Audiolink   
    I’m not sure where in the US you live, but if by any chance you are near northeastern NY I would be happy to let your son test out these options.  
    Or if you are near western NY, we could meet while I am there for the ALDAcon in October.
    I am a bilateral CI user also and for almost all settings I just use my processors and no assistive tech.

    For hearing his tennis coach from afar with Sonnet processors right?  I would choose Roger Select transmitter worn by coach (it magnetically clips to a shirt) with Roger 21 receivers on each Sonnet.  The benefits of using this set up include....
    -better distance than the AudioLink 
    -your son just needs to have on the Roger 21 integrated receiver battery covers on his Sonnets.  He stays in M so will also hear through his regular Sonnet mics.  When the Roger mic is not in use, the Roger 21 will go to sleep and the Sonnets will revert automatically to their regular mic settings according to his MAPs.  When Roger is in use, his Sonnets will automatically switch to omni mic setting and mix the audio 50/50.
    -for TV at home the Select dock can be cabled to your TV. It will be a 50/50 mix.
    -for TV at friend’s homes, the Select can be set near the TV speaker.
    -for hanging out at a table in noise, the Select can be placed on the table
    As for streaming music and audio from a phone....... Artone 3 MAX BT neckloop wins for me.  So easy to use.  So small and light.  True hands free for phone calls heard on both sides.  MUST have a way to switch to MT (mix) and T (streamed audio only) so a remote is needed.  
    Will encounter EMI (electromagnetic interference) in some places (vehicles) which sounds like unpleasant buzzing.
    Sounds the same on right and left sides (blended stereo signal).
    My most used piece of tech by far!
    (The reason I am not recommending this for tennis is that the neckloop would bounce around while running and that would be annoying.)
    Now for use on planes......Roger and AudioLink can NOT be used on planes per their own manuals.  Artone neckloop will encounter EMI buzzing on planes.
    BOSE QC35 BT noise cancelling headphones to the rescue!  These are fabulous.  
    These also have the best audio for music and are true stereo (separate right and left instrumentals).  
    I love them!  I wore mine this past week while traveling.  Awesome!  Watched movies from my tablet, streamed music from my phone.
    The BOSE app allows you to share audio to another BOSE headphone.  So we watched the same movie and each heard it and had separate volume control.
    If I could have 2 devices, I would choose the Artone neckloop and the BOSE QC35 BT headphones.
    But I do not require remote mics in my daily life.
    I hope this helps.
    Use of and types of preferred assistive tech vary from person to person.  If at all possible, let your son test out the options.
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    CArgo reacted to Mary Beth in Rogerpen vs Audiolink   
    Sorry, I forgot to answer your mixing ratio question.
    Roger 21 receivers with Med-El Sonnets are always a mix. 50/50 mix with no ability to alter that easily.  Technically it can be altered by adjusting the easy gain setting on the receivers BUT you can’t do that with the Pen nor the Select.  So it’s best to think of Roger 21 and Med-El Sonnets as always a 50/50 mix.
    Artone 3 MAX BT neckloop easily gives us the option to mix (MT) or streamed audio only (T).  And since we have a volume control on the Artone, we can alter the mix ratio by adjusting the volume of the streamed audio at will.
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    CArgo reacted to Mary Beth in Rogerpen vs Audiolink   
    @Joan has used both the Roger system and the Artone TVB for TV listening.  She uses Rondo 2 processors so uses the Roger MyLink neckloop receiver.  Maybe she will share her experiences with TV sound quality for you @CArgo
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    CArgo reacted to Hicksy in Rogerpen vs Audiolink   
    I have a Sonnet with the Roger 21 receiver and love it especially for Tv. It does drain the batteries a little faster if used for long periods of time. I usually just use it for Tv and it’s great. I can watch tv or play video games without any sound on the tv by plugging the pen plus base into the headphone jack or as an addition the the speakers if watching with others. One caveat may be older tv’s that won’t put sound to the speakers if something is plugged into the headphone jack so test that out first. The pen should work fine for the coach. The only small quibble I have with the Roger Pen is that it switches to omnidirectional mode automatically so if I forget to change the receiver before I go out, I’m stuck in that mode which I don't usually use. Small annoyance. The Artone neckloop is an absolute must have for streaming from a phone. I use it for phone calls and reading audiobooks. I haven’t tried the TVB as the Roger Pen works so well.
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    CArgo reacted to Mary Beth in Rogerpen vs Audiolink   
    I have used both.
    AudioLink works only with Sonnet 1 and Sonnet 2
    Roger works with almost all CI processors and hearing aid brands 
    AudioLink only requires 1 piece (AudioLink) and sends the signal to an internal receiver in the Sonnet 1 and Sonnet 2.
    Roger requires more than 1 piece.  The Pen or Select (I prefer the Select) sends the audio to Roger receivers.  These receivers can be attached to processors or hearing aids (like the Roger 21 integrated battery cover receiver for Sonnet 1 and Sonnet 2) or can be a neckloop receiver (Roger MyLink) and CI/HA then need to be on MT or T.
    Both AudioLink and Roger Pen/Select are BT ONLY for phone calls.
    Both AudioLink and Roger Pen/Select can use an A2DP converter app to stream other audio from phone.  The sound quality is degraded.
    Both AudioLink and Roger Pen/Select can be plugged into TV, etc 
    Both AudioLink and Roger Pen/Select can be used as remote mics worn by a speaker.
    Both AudioLink and Roger Pen/Select can be used on a table for a small group.  The Select outperforms the others in this setting by far in my opinion.
    AudioLink is a fixed gain mic.  Roger Pen/Select adapt to the noise level.
    Roger Select has 3 mics which create 6 directions.  It uses adaptive beamforming. The others do not.
    AudioLink allows the user to alter the mix ratio.
    AudioLink is true stereo for left/right music.
    Roger Pen/Select have a greater range than AudioLink..
    The sound quality between these options is different.  I recommend people test out these devices before choosing the best device for their needs.  I also suggest people test out the Artone 3 MAX BT neckloop.  
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